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Help Me Jesus–I’m an “Elder”

As if I hadn’t struggled ENOUGH over the past few years as my birthday calendar stirs up music memories like:

“I Got You Babe”…

“I Heard it Through the Grapevine”

and the worst one of all– “Whiter Shade of Pale”..

Oh my–

If you are one of my younger friends–GOOGLE IT! I still love you! :)))

So now–in the middle of a world challenging PANDEMIC…I am now being classified as “ELDERLY”.

Can it get any bleaker?

Of all the things I could get worried (and this IS serious–STAY HOME!) about now lets add no hairdresser appointments and colors that I had hidden for years suddenly taking authority over my head!! I need chocolate!

Of course I am just kidding–(kind-of).

I can’t hide my age from my family anyways–they KNOW I am technically challenged!! That is a dead giveaway–anyone under 40 was born with a technology gene that automatically knows how to set up a SMART TV! The truth is–I am far better at techie stuff than most all of my friends, even the younger younger ones. Still, as good as I am with ZOOM, social media and LIVE chats–this week nailed me–pretty much every thing I’ve tried to do online has BOMBED! So much so that I finally heard God’s still small voice say–“PRAYER CHAIR!! PRAYER CHAIR! PRAYER CHAIR!”

I love and adore my “Prayer Chair”. It is over 30 years old and the best seat in my house. It was in storage for almost 2 years during our transition from Florida to Georgia. It now sits by a lovely bay window in our new home and looks out over a tree covered hillside. Stacks of Bibles, journals, devo books and study books are scattered all around me. Colorful markers and writing pens are piled under a tall turquoise lamp. I almost always have a hot cup of coffee or tea and about 10 varieties of reading glasses (elder here). Each morning I am joined in prayer by birds of every kind, chipmunks and squirrels, and often a deer or two.

God doesn’t have to drag me there–I absolutely love that spot but when so much is going on in the news and online, sometimes I slip into joining that chatter too soon after prayer.

As an Enneagram 2/3 Achiever/Helper, I am all over WHAT CAN I DO??

How can I help?

What is my next action step?!

Surely Lord, you have huge assignments for me? I mean I can’t even go over and help my son and daughter-in-law with my 3 youngest grands because I am an ELDER!!

After a few busted attempts here and there–I finally got the God message yesterday–“Pat, you can pray! Just pray. Sit in that chair and lets talk about this”

So, that is what I am doing the most of.

Between prayer chair sits–I am strolling our new property–3 1/2 lovely acres in NW Georgia with hills and trees and springing flowers galore!

I hope it will help you if I will share my prayers–I hope you will join me in The Unstuck Woman Club on Facebook Live to hear today’s prayer.

One last thing for now–If you are looking for a FAITH FILLED READ I pray you will consider my book Life Unstuck: Finding Peace with Your Past, Purpose in Your Present and Passion for Your Future. It is a real life breakdown of Psalm 139 and Jesus knows we need those words right here–right now!

Both the YOUNG and the “Elderly”.

Hugs and Prayers for now–


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