HELLO—San Antonio! Here we come Denver!

I am busy about finalizing my preparations for our upcoming “Freedom Weekend” first in SanAntonio followed by another weekend in Denver, Colorado!

Talk about packing challenges. The weather in Texas is in the 80’s and in the mountains of Colorado it is still in the 40’s!! Our team has been praying and anticipating an encounter with God! He wants His daughters REDEEMED, RESTORED and RENEWED! He wants us Peaceful, Purpose Driven and Passionate about His great plan for our lives.

We have some girlfriends getting ready to embrace every tiny smidgen of  God’s plan for our time together.

In the meantime, I made a promise to some sisters. Here it is…the SECRET MESSAGE….

Bring it to Session 4 and I will bring my treat…..Tell me who wrote this and you get a double dose <3

Where shall I work today Dear Lord?

As my love flowed warm and free

He answered and said “See that little place there?  Would you tend that place for me?”

I answered and said

“Oh No, Not There”……..No one would ever see….

No matter how well my work was done, not THAT little place for me!”

His voice when He spoke was soft and Kind

He answered me tenderly.

“Little One search that heart of thine—Are you working for them or me?”

Nazareth was a little place……And so was Galilee!!

Big things grow out of our obedience to the small things.

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  1. Hello Pat!,Welcome to crazy Colorado weather, snow today, sun tomorrow, chilly for sure, but could be 80 degrees on Monday?! So thrilled to see what you and God have in store for the Northern Hills ladies this weekend. It’ll be an honor to meet you and hear you speak in person. Praying that you serve and give of yourself so generously this weekend that God fills your cup and blesses you as well, in little unexpected ways. See ya tomorrow.

  2. Oh Katie..I can not express my heart in words. The snow is softly falling as God begins to pour His Spirit upon our weekend. To HIM BE ALL Glory!!!!! We will wallow in it to be sure!

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