He Leads Me Beside Still Waters

Honey and I are half way into our second day of rest in the stunning mountains of North Carolina. 

We have been blessed by some precious friends who have opened their mountain home for our restoration. I broke into tears when I stepped into the foyer. 

This is the living area and a glance at the indoor fireplace doing exactly what fireplaces are supposed to do!! They magically draw you into watching every flame skip and dance and do their thing to keep you completely enthralled and melting into dreams and imagination, all the while…..warming up every part of your body, soul and spirit. Amazing!

Our first day here was spent as most first days of vacation are spent…..bringing the head and the heart to where the body is! 

After sleeping in until 9:30am under an open window of cold mountain air, I made my way to the kitchen and whipped up a big fat mountain breakfast for my honey. We both spent a good part of the day sitting in front of the fireplace, an ipod on constant worship music, answering emails. Mine had gathered while I was out of touch at last weeks conference in Atlanta and his, well they just gather daily.
He agreed to take 2 whole weeks with me if I would allow him to keep those things under control. I was happy to oblige giving us both a chance to GET where we ARE!
About half the day through we both slammed down computers and headed for the outdoors. We explored this beautiful mountain resort and oohed and awed in harmony.
We ended our day with a fabulous dinner that we cooked and ate outside on the porch as we listened to the crickets and the sounds of the creek running outside of our cottage. 

This morning, after sleeping late again, I nestled with my bible and my coffee in front of the outdoor fireplace to settle deep into the quiet arms of my Jesus.

My entire being is awaiting His fresh outpouring for such a time as this.

Don’t you covet those special times away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life when God has our ears and our eyes and all of our attention. times when we say….

Speak Lord, your servant is listening!!
I am so there!
ps…please don’t forget Melinda’s contest…see below for details.

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  1. GIRLfriend! That is one schmancy cottage you’ve been blessed with…I almost broke into tears FOR you!

    Soak it in, Sister…soak it in!

    Love you,

  2. I know, I keep pinching myself and I am still here!
    We just came in from a 2 hour hike…
    Honey is asleep in the recliner and I am reading on the porch…

    ps…are we twittering :)?

  3. I love how you write! I am right there sitting by the fire, enjoying my heavenly father with you!

    May God refresh you and your honey as you are resting in His presence.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!


  4. My first visit to your blog and you had me smiling ear to ear! It is a chilly, raining day here and I can’t wait to get upstairs and light our gas logs and ease into His presence. You’ve inspired me!
    Praying you and yours have a special trip…

  5. I’m trying my best not to covet while I read this post and listen to the joyous noise of my children’s cries before going to bed. I will live vicariously through you and your serenity:) I’m going to have to go find some “white noise” to listen to so I can pretend its that peaceful around here.
    I’m so happy for you though and can’t wait to hear all that God says to you while your away.

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