Have Your Dreams Taken a Detour?

My heart was pounding and my hands completely numb from the tight grip on the car door rest. Nonetheless, my “awesome Mom” meter was off the charts! My sixteen-year-old son, Tim, was glowing with pride sitting behind the wheel of my brand-new sports car.

We were hitting the road for a long road trip from Tampa to Chicago and he was beyond excited. Me? I was beyond terrified. Tim was a good driver but a bit on the reckless side, like the time he took his buddies “butt skiing” behind his Jeep on the new golf course behind our home. This trip, though, he drove beautifully all the way to Illinois. As we approached the stunning skyline of Chicago, we noticed the sun’s rapid descent behind those beautiful buildings creating Chicago’s exciting skyline. Being the official map reader, (pre google maps and GPS voices talking to you), I could see we had veered off course as Tim merged into the fast moving Chicago traffic.

“Honey, I need to take it from here,” I reasonably declared as Mom. “It is getting dark and we are lost.”

“Mom, NO! I can do this,” was his unreasonable son response. “Just tell me where to turn!”

Much to my dismay, I surrendered to his response. He continued to drive and I continued to clutch the armrest all the tighter with each passing mile. Darker and darker the sky became and “lost-er” and “lost-er” we became. Finally, amidst the very dark and tangled interstates surrounding the Windy City, I lost all “reasonable Mom” behavior and yelled out to Tim, “PULL OVER RIGHT NOW! I have to drive.”

My teenager immediately obeyed and exited, stage right. We drove off the interstate on an exit ramp no one else seemed to want. It was dark as molasses with no light in sight. We were so lost. Then, out of nowhere, lights! Very bright and huge lights! It was all we could see and they were coming straight towards us. It took us practically no time at all to realize the source of those lights coming at us head-on…an airplane!


Somehow without the help of Google maps or MapQuest and without a place to turn around, my teenage son and I found ourselves facing down a runway of O’Hare International Airport and we were smack dab in the path of an airplane making its journey into the sky.

(Excerpt from Chapter 7 of Life Unstuck)

There have been times in my life when it seemed as if everything I was trying to accomplish, every goal I was trying to reach, every dream I was trying to capture–took a wrong turn!!

Can you relate friend?

Today, I was  reviewing the story of Joseph, the dreamer found in Genesis 37. I was thinking about where his big dreams landed him–STUCK in a PIT! However, as I read on, God reminded me that it is NOT PEOPLE who control our dreams. Circumstances and challenges cannot stop a dream that GOD has planted in your heart!

The single thing that can stop a GOD SIZED DREAM is US! We can quit. We can give up. We can blame others for our detours. Or, we can stay the course. Let God lead. Allow HIS TIMING to direct our path like Joseph did. Read his story today and be encouraged!

Today, I encourage you, as I have been encouraged.

I want to INSPIRE you, as I have been inspired to STIR UP YOUR DREAM!

Dig it up from under all that buried muck and mire and remained yourself that GOD ALONE IS YOUR SOURCE. God’s timing is your friend. His redirects take you where He wants you to end up!

Regardless of the roadblocks you see on your path.

Remember your dream today friend.

Thank God for it.

Claim your trust in Him no matter HOW BIG the obstacles appear and allow HIM to detour your path as He sees fit!

He WILL complete what He has begun in you!

I would love to hear your dream and believe God’s promises with you! Share in the comments and be entered for my FREE FRIDAY Book Giveaway!






UnStuck Truth #6: God DELIGHTS in amazing you with His love!

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  1. Oh my goodness Pat! Once again you hit a home run straight to my heart!!! I’ve got a dream to write a book and maybe even speak someday….but boy does it intimidate me and scare the daylights out of me. I need courage in double doses…?

  2. Good morning Pat!
    You have stirred up my dream…thank you for your inspiring words! I need to remember that I can be faithful with today…just because my dream has not been realized, I can still take faithful steps towards my dream…What is the Lord calling me to do in this moment to keep me on track…All I learn along the way will be part of the dream!

    Thank you sweet friend. Your wisdom is truly a gift <3

    In Christ
    Melissa Longval

  3. Your story had me in stitches as it was so reminiscent of stories from my son’s younger days (most of which I found out about way after the fact so it wasn’t too traumatic). Have to say though that we’ve never ended up on a runway. That’s priceless! Thank you for the reminder to dig up my dream once again, and thank you for the chance to win a copy of your book.

  4. Biggest dream always have been to:
    1. I will be a Market HR Manager
    2. I will complete my HR Test
    3. I will speak to the nations
    4. I will be a entrepreneur – having my own business
    5. I will help others to accomplish their dreams
    6. To grow as a coach
    7. To be a mom
    8. To continue growing and learn how to be the women in Proverbs 31

    In the name of Jesus…AMEN!

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