Has anyone seen my Superwoman Cape??

Obviously I don’t do well without it.

Not  only have I not scaled any buildings lately–short or tall– but my laundry is piled up to about 6 loads. It is probably the highest mountain I will climb anytime soon.

We have had a not-so-great-adventure going on at the Layton house over the past few weeks. We lost our AC in the midst of some of the hottest days in Florida history. It is very difficult to get ANYTHING done while laying prostrate on the floor with ones face pressed against a fan, much less attempting blogging feats of witty writing glory.

When I got to the point of resembling the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, AFTER she was splashed with water, my husband broke down and took us to live in a HOTEL for 4 days. Our home temperature got as high as 102 degrees!!

The loss of AC is nothing as major as many precious friends of mine have been dealing with lately. No where near. Awareness of that has caused me to pray every day asking God to keep my heart right and my perspective balanced. Sometimes I disciplined myself into what I knew was a God pleasing attitude and sometimes I did not. I tried. I really did.

Anyway, I have had a more than my usual difficult time setting myself aside to blog.

I do have some great ideas on little pieces of paper, saved in my documents file and sitting next to my Prayer Chair with the sour towels.

I did manage to TWEET and Facebook my whining a few times but that only took a few words and no thought process, only a high pitched complaining cry!

The truth is, even on most ordinary days I can not seem to find time to fit it all in and just have the highest regard for those who can.

I have not given up however. I am on a hot quest (sorry, heat is on my mind) for discovering the best method of organization and life planning.

One of my favorite blog spots is Michael Hyatt’s blog. I have just downloaded his post on “Creating a Life Plan” and “The Importance of the Quarterly Review” and have already devoured them both. I have put a day on my calendar for later this month to try my hand at his method of “Living Life on Purpose”.

I can’t wait to see what God drops into my heart and will gladly share my “On PURPOSE” discoveries here on “Living Free”.  As long as I have AC and some sweet tea, I am a writng fool.

Lastly I have not forgotten my JULY Summer Book Giveaway . I am a few days late but the books are in a box for ROBBIE JO!!!!! (Email me your address sister!!)

My sincere thanks to all who emailed, facebooked and blogged about my upcoming Woman’s Conference “Imagine Me…Redeemed, Restored, Renewed…Set Free” on October 1 and 2 in Eastman, Georgia.

My AUGUST Giveaway is a COOL GIFT CERTIFICATE for a goodie of your choice from my beautiful Daughter-in-Laws Kim’s Everything Etsy shop.

Take a look and see what you like then all you have to do is tell someone about IMAGINE ME and leave a comment here on the blog telling me where to look!!

Also…I would love to know YOUR Life Planning tips!!

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  1. Hey, lets do it!!!
    Do you know anyone else who might need to “get it together” a bit?
    You know how I LOVE group work 🙂

  2. I didn’t win the July drawing – if I had read better, I would’ve known sooner. Hee Hee

    i’m so glad your A/C is fixed. It’s just too miserable without A/C!


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