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Day 1! Let’s Take An Assessment!

Day 1 – Unstuck Possibilities!

O LORD, you have searched me and you know me. – Psalm 139:1

Unstuck Truth #1: If we could see ourselves as God sees us, we would believe about ourselves what God believes about us.






















Happy New Years Day! Welcome to Day 1/24 in our Quest towards an Unstuck 2019!

So you have your book and have started reading (or re-reading like me) and you have downloaded the FREE READER GUIDE. 

As we get started be sure you have read pages 9-32 in Life Unstuck.

Once you do you will have read my naked story in Chapter One–Unstuck Possibilities!

I’m wondering if you can relate? Maybe not with being naked on a cruise ship but with the concept of being searched and known by the creator of the universe. El Roi–THE GOD WHO SEES! You may feel that you are slipping towards or might even be smack in the middle of STUCK. This verse might bring a little panic to your heart.

The good news is God does see and He still loves!!

Let’s start this 24 Day/24 Hour/24 Minute journey thinking a bit about what we THINK God sees in us right now–today.

Let’s start with taking a look at where our life might be right now on January 1, 2019.

Let’s start with an Assessment.

I am pretty sure there has been a time in your life, maybe it is now, where you felt like that picture on the cover of this book, minus the cute pink polka dot boots! Haven’t you discovered how the more you struggle against that yucky gum the nastier it gets? I have learned that the best way to get out of a mess like that is by taking a knife or sharp object straight to the point of attack.

That my friend, is exactly the plan but first, lets’ first assess the situation shall we?

Take the UNSTUCK Assessment on pages 30 and 31 of your book. page4image14457216page4image20553488

After you are done consider this question:

My top Three Goals for Life Unstuck 2019 are:


I’ll share where I felt stuck in 2018 and my 3 UNSTUCK Goals for this year!

1. Keep my ministry focus on what God has clearly set up for my new year. The re-release of Surrendering the Secret and a 10-12 city book/training tour sharing that critical ministry. That might sound easy to some but I am an idea machine and tend to schedule a bunch of things at once keeping me frazzled and worn thin.

2. Make personal soul care (mind, body and spirit)  a priority and on my calendar every week. I tend to be better at teaching, giving out, sharing than personal, just for me, self-care, personal health and intimacy with God.

3. Allow God to unwrap each day as it comes–don’t try to plan or think ahead TOO much. Obviously my calendar is already full for 2019 but honestly–I can ALWAYS plan more-LOL–I am a big dreamer, always thinking about the next thing sometimes at the loss of what is happing right here–right now. I have been working on this for a few years but it is far from mastered!

How about you?

Join the conversation below in the comments and/or share on social media with #unstuck2019.

At the end of this quest, on January 25th, I’ll be giving away some goodies from those who have joined me!

Happy New Years Day #1 towards your UNSTUCK 2019!



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