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Happy UNSTUCK 2019!

Happy New Year Friend!

I am so happy you are here! If you came over from my Newsletter A Refreshing Pause, you know my plan for the next 24 Days/Hours.

If you are NOT on my email list please be sure to sign up here on the website. I don’t “slay” your inbox I promise. Normally just one email each month unless something cool is happening or heard about.

So, as I shared with my email friends. I have decided to start this year off capturing and claiming God’s Words from Psalm 139 using my own book Life Unstuck. I truly felt God wrote that book through me as I was in a complete place of LIFE STUCK when I was writing it. He unfolded and unwrapped those 24 verses word by word and SET ME FREE!

I truly want to experience that refreshing, from THOSE verses as I start this year. I’d love to share that quest with you!

I would love to have you join me.

It really will be simple.

You do need to have the book!

I’ll be using the content from my FREE READER GUIDE along with my 2019 FRESH daily thoughts. You can get that here!

Then, simply sign up on my website to get my post in your inbox or meet me here each day for 24 days. January 1-24.

I’ll have some goodies and give-aways along the way.

So, get your book and start reading!

I’ll meet you here on TUESDAY, January 1st 2019! Lets’ start the New Year in God’s Word and taking hold of an UNSTUCK 2019!

Until then–Happy Last Weekend of 2018!


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