Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy End-of Mother’s day friends (in the Eastern Time Zone anyway!)

I hope everyone of you have a sweet and blessed day. Mine was extra special as I had my honey, all my children, grandchildren AND MY MOM all together for a pool party in our back yard. I am telling you, there is no diamond; no yacht; no mansion; no trip to Tuscany that beats a gathering of all your family together in one sweet place.

My cup runneth over, as they say.

I am always mindful of those women who long for this day to be one when she finally hears someone call her “Mom”. It just makes me want to gather every one of them in my arms and remind them that THEY ARE LOVED!! God SEES the desire of your heart sister! (Ps 139:1)

As I close this very busy weekend I want to say thank you to all of you who took the time to enter my Passionate Mom book contest. I wish I had a book for each of  you I really do.

If you didn’t win it, PLEASE reward yourself and BUY A COPY. I promise you will not be sorry. As a matter of fact my friend Susan has a VERY SPECIAL DEAL going on right now!

It truly is an awesome book!!

So, with no further delay ’cause I am EXHAUSTED :)…..Drum Roll Please!!

The winners are:

Jan Heinen

Renee’ H

Carrie Walser

Ginese W

Barbara Baily

Congratulations ladies. Please email your mailing address to my adorable Assistant Alyssa at ashutty@awpm.net and she will mail your book asap!

I am truly honored to have you visit my blog and pray blessings over your coming week!

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