Happy Fall Ya’ll I have a FREE Giveaway!

Greetings Long Lost Blog Friends!

It has been TOO LONG and I still have a FREE BOOK to give-away from THIS ANNIVERSARY POST! Thank you all for your great marriage advice!

Joanne Verdugo is our last month FREE BOOK WINNER! Email me or leave a message below 🙂 to receive my new book Life Unstuck!

Since that post from MAUII, which was the last stop on a 3 week journey filled with new friends, new memories and lots of DIRTY CLOTHES 🙂 Honey and I did some ministry consulting; raised some money for a few pregnancy centers; had a BLAST at a Life Unstuck Girls Night Out! Then, enjoyed our wedding anniversary stretched out under a cabana in MAUI! Don’t you get jealous now–it was our 40 YEAR anniversary and we have NEVER done anything near like that. Our Anniversary is normally enjoyed at home by the grill so this was very special.


After returning home, my focus went DIRECTLY into the final planning days of a dream come true event that I have been planning in my heart for over 4 years.

A “Unique Boutique Retreat”.

Life Unstuck Retreat. Register here. Store Banner

My dream has been to gather JUST A FEW women together for a deeper, more intimate and personalized time of ministry–personal and spiritual growth. This retreat of 12 amazing women was everything I dreamed it would be. In fact, it was SO GOOD I am already planning a Spring event. Let me know via email to patlayton@mac.com if you would like to be placed on a an “interested” list for further information. Here are some highlight moments!


A few of our ladies DEEPLY involved in playing with scissors and glue!




Fuzzy pink blankets make EVERYTHING Amazing!!


One Quest Guest comment:

“There were so many favorite parts from being in an idyllic pastoral setting, to the comradery of the group, to the worship times, to the creative process of the notebooks, and times of sharing. But my MOST favorite part is that you allowed space for God to speak and move. The time I spent with the Lord during these two days was invaluable, and I came away with some direction from Him for my next steps. I appreciate the way you recognized the crux of the conference was to hear from God, even if it felt a little awkward at first. Once I had permission to do that, I opened myself up to the possibility of HIM and what HE wanted because I know that I always want all HE has for me.”

Ready to plan a REUNION RETREAT!


The REASON it all come together–Jesus!!

It truly was a RETREAT! an ADVENTURE! a FREEDOM QUEST!! I hope you will join the next one!

In the mean time–If you have not read my new book LIFE UNSTUCK, I hope you will buy it TODAY!! My guess is that you have a friend who needs a LIFE UNSTUCK: Peace with her Past; Purpose in her PRESENT and PASSION for her Future. If you will purchase a book or 2 from Amazon or Barnes and Noble–and send me your receipt, I will send a FREE GIFT to BOTH OF YOU!!

Hugs and Fall Blessings to you!


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