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Happy Birthday to Me–Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Monday friends!

I actually DIDN’T miss my weekly post last Monday. In fact, I spend a LONG TIME telling you all about my move from Tampa to Atlanta and waxed eloquent about the verse of scripture on our Month of Monday FREE CALENDAR available ONLY via my monthly newsletter A Refreshing Pause!

Please sign up today! My next letter and FREE “Prayer and Parise” Calendar comes out on Thursday!

The bad news was the move reset a few something or others on my computer and unkindly ATE MY POST shortly after releasing it. I just didn’t have the energy or the brain power to rewrite it–so I gave my myself a break and decided to write again today.

I should have better luck–after all, it IS MY BIRTHDAY!

So, this is my request, should you be willing to GIFT ME 🙂

Please say HELLO below and tell me where you are from!

Easy–peasy, right?

I would love to send someone who doeas a FREE LIFE UNSTUCK book just for the fun of it! Which will arrive just in time to join The Unstuck Woman Club in a Spring book study!

Hey before you go–let me ask one more favor, will you please check this event out. If it’s not for you–maybe a friend who really needs a REST and a BLESSING!

Blessings on this last Monday of February!

I hope to hear from you below :))))



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  1. Happy Birthdya Pat!
    Blessings on your continued ministry to women. I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado and hope some day to be down in your area of the country. My hubby are newly retired and are just starting to RV.
    I follow you faithfully and look forward to your bible study.

    1. Thank you Nancy! I am headed to Denver on Friday to speak at a pregnancy center banquet next week! I TRIED to get honey to buy and RV but no go–yet 🙂

  2. Hello Pat and pray your day has been as amazing as you, God bless you with many more happy, healthy years ahead.
    Happy Birthday hugs to you! ?
    Joanne Verdugo
    Phoenix, AZ

  3. Hey, Pat,

    I just read Thursdays email (no matching blog post, so I’m on the birthday one – Happy birthday from me again!) & wanted to say that I love that you included natural cleaning products in the ABCs section! DIY is great & easy, too! So many people don’t know the dangers of the toxic cleaners & the easy alternatives. Good idea!

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