Green is NOT My Color! Digging Up Envy, Jealousy and “Not Enough”–Again!

Have you here wished you had HER job? HER kids? HER ministry? HER marriage? HER friends…….dot..dot..dot..I know I have. I’m just being real here.

Happy 2nd Monday in August!

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This weeks verse is Matthew 25:18 (actually Matthew 25:14-30)

18But the (woman) who had received one bag went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid (her) master’s money.

You don’t have to hear many sermons or read many blog post or social media inspirations to be reminded of the danger of “Coveting”. In fact today’s post on the  Girlfriends in God devo speaks to our verse of the week! Check it out 🙂

I think we all face “The Green Monster” now and then. Sometimes it’s not THINGS we covert but attention; position; invitation!

It wasn’t long enough ago that I faced this monster, again. I was feeling very heartbroken about not having been invited to join some girlfriends on a weekend adventure.What made it even worse was I had practically INVITED MYSELF. Still–no invitation. Some all too familiar feelings of rejection and jealousy sent me spiraling into some old STUCK STUFF.

After a few days of pity party and puffy eyes, God, in His wonderful way, began to drop this verse into my path every time I turned around.

The parable of the talents.

Over and over and over.

Every Devo. Every teaching tape. Every podcast.

He was lovingly warning me to take authority over this slippery slope.

Grab a ROCK woman!

I am betting, if you are reading this post, you are a woman like me whose passionate desire is to serve and please God.

You WANT to have the right heart.

You WANT to do the right thing.

And probably, like me, because you have invited Him to, when you start to turn green, The Holy Spirit rushes in to redirect your thoughts from what you don’t have to what you DO HAVE.

I’m not going to wax eloquent about the story here on the blog but if any of this is resonating with you, like me, you will read it!

For this Monday verse, let’s focus this week on the what God has given us–not what others have been given, but what WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN!!

Let’s ask ourselves, am I investing all my energy on the gifts, blessings, friends, family, ministry..God has given ME or am I too busy focusing on what others have and I don’t? Have I buried what I have to the point that I am at risk of losing it?

I’m just saying…..to MYSELF :)))

I’d love to hear if this parable speaks to you too!

Happy Monday,


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