Good Morning Lord! Please Help Me Be Good Today (and other childlike prayers!)

How do you talk to God? Hands in the air like ya just don’t care? Raising the Roof? Prayer binging?

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I’ve begun a new daily routine on and it has become MY way of throwing my hands in the air, raising the roof and binging on God with #asimpleprayer. I’m blowing the lid off my heart and baring it OPEN at the foot of His altar with my friends as witnesses. It’s not always pretty!! My prayer yesterday morning called upon God to help me squelch the ugly qualities of comparison and envy! ICK!! However, I found some sweet peace and lightening of my spirit when my friends began to post their support.

I would love to have you join me in that wonderful nurturing community too!!

I would never be presumptuous enough to think that all of YOU have seen all of ME on Instagram, so I wanted to share a couple of my daily Instagram posts so that, when or if you’re able to drop into Instagram, you can join me! Twitter works too! Any avenue that we can find to lift one another in this crazy life is a WIN for all of us!! #asimpleprayer and raise the roof with me!!

Here is an example of yesterday’s #asimpleprayer! 

March 15, 2016 Post: Good Morning Lord. Yesterday I ran into a monster. I have seen this ugly creeper before and far too often fall into his nasty trap. Every single time I drop into that lowly pit I have to use valuable time and energy to climb out. The monster is comparison and envy and his crown is rejection. Through your Spirit Lord, I have learned his tricks, beaten him down and learned to see him coming. Most of the time. Sometimes he sneaks up when I am not looking. Thank you Lord that you always rise up like a mighty lion behind a cub and take him down for me. Thank you that you gently review the weapons of my warfare and remind me of my strengths, value, personal assignments, place on your team!!! Thank you Lord that today is a new day. I will not waste a minute focused on what someone is doing better or bigger. I will stay in praise on MY path and give it all I’ve got!! Amen! ?????? #asimpleprayer #lifeunstuck #freedom

Can you relate? If so, please share a note below or on Instagram!



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