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God’s AUDACIOUS Timing!

I just started reading THIS BOOK!!


Oh My GOSH!!!!! Beth Moore has changed my life through her writing and speaking on more than one occasion. God has used this woman to create an unquenchable hunger and thirst in my heart (along with a a few million others) for His Word. He ushered me into a radical new phase of my own ministry in 2008 through a speaking engagement I attended where Beth spoke just to me–although she allowed 10,000 other women to attend just for fun.

I grabbed Beth’s new book and snuggled up with cup of hot Marshmallow Macaron Tea (with a creamy foam topping that I created myself–thank you very much) during yesterday’s Sunday afternoon rain. God worked the timing out perfectly as I was anxious to dig into this fresh message. I KNEW He was going to speak to me through this book. I just didn’t know how quickly He would reach over His mighty shoulder and draw out an arrow that would be strategically aimed at the latest fears and fresh doubts that have settled in my heart and mind over the past 6 months and caused me to stall. Not STOP but STALL. Slow down. Wonder. Doubt.

One thing I have discovered about Beth’s writing is that when she speaks in first person–I am her. We are definitely SISTERS! Honestly, I feel like she reads my mind, about our passion, about our marriage, about our children and grandchildren, about past pain, sin and heartache that have lead us into our current peace, purpose and passion. Even her acknowledgment pages do things in my heart as Lifeway was the first publisher to take a risk on ME. They changed my life and many of the names–like Faith, Paige, Amy and Becky, that Beth mentions stir “affection and warmth” in my heart along with hers. Although I can not text her and get a reply, Beth is my friend for life 🙂

My pink highlighter pen got to moving on page 1.

“People with a feverish student mentality tend to see everything through the lens of a classroom”. ARROW.


The second thing she wrote that made me cry was on page 2–yes TWO.

I have been asking God–as my life flips into my …..years 🙂 is writing and speaking still what you have for me to do Lord? Am I too old? Is it too late? Does anyone care? Truthfully my books are barely making it to the shelves…(although God blessed me with THIS when I went to buy Beth’s book!!


On page 2 Beth says this–

“I believe God can use a book to mark a life. It doesn’t even have to be a great book. It can just be well timed. He can cause a set of pages to hit a pair of hands with the kind of timing that sparks a decision that marks a destiny. Something within the pages becomes a catalyst that shapes a calling.” ARROW.

Just beam me up to heaven now Lord. I Hear you!!!!!

I can barely begin to tell you how may arrows were pulled from the quiver from that point on. Every single page had a target.

Like this:

“And, as a writer, not be satisfied with writing a life I’m not willing to live” (Can you say Life Unstuck?!!) ARROW.

She talked about being in a place “between my past and my future”. ARROW.

She talked about MY CALLING–I mean Her calling LOL–

“I wanted more for women than that. I wanted them to come completely alive. I wanted them to find out what they were doing here and DO IT. I wanted them run headlong into something vastly more influential over their futures than their past. Something so entrapping that they couldn’t quit. Something they wouldn’t miss for the world. Something to big for them to hide.

Beth reframed her new vision statement to be:

To see ALL women come to know and AUDACIOUSLY love Jesus Christ.

I am working on MY REFRAME! What do you think?

To inspire ALL women with eternal truth for an ABUNDANT everyday life. 

So–enough for today!

IT”S YOUR TURN! Tell me, what is your VISION statement? Let’s start working on it together right here, right now!

You can probably guess what book I’ll be giving away THIS SUNDAY (rather than my regular Friday)—YEP! Audacious! (Note: this time I will NOT be sending you my copy LOL–I think I am going to need this book for a while!)

Sunday is the LAST DAY to join my 30 Days to an Unstuck Christmas!

30days letter header-correct

This week, I’ll be drawing a name from the ladies who have registered for thatI hope you will join and invite a friend!!

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  1. This book is definitely on my TBR list!! Love Beth Moore, Loved your book also!! Definitely will be working on my vision statement.

    1. Crystal you will LOVE IT and Thank you for the kind words about Life Unstuck 🙂
      Can’t wait to see your VISION!

  2. this book is next in line after I finish “Unstuck” which I started awhile back but got stuck in life, so I haven’t finished it yet!

    my vision statement goes something like this: Encouraging and equipping women to move out of their past into His Presence.


  3. Beth Moore is truly an inspiration! She truly helps us get closer to God and to see Jesus in a new way.

    My mission statement: To create, communicate and inspire for the beautification, health and wellness, and spiritual growth of women and girls.

  4. Thank you for this review of “Audacious”. I had not purchased it yet, but definitely will.

    NO, you are not too old. It is not too late. People DO need your words and presence. I’ve had all those same thoughts, and every time God reminds me that He doesn’t care about age or stage or ability. He cares about a heart that is sold out to Him. He uses us in ways that we will never know until we step into eternity, yet sometimes He gives us a window into a life that we have touched….just so we will be encouraged and press on. Abraham, Sarah and Moses were not spring chickens when God used them mightily. I hold onto that fact as the years tick off and one birthday bumps into another.

    Stay the course, friend. You are making a difference in the Kingdom of Christ. Love from the mountains!

  5. Sounds like a great book…looking forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing your fears…your authenticity elevates your wisdom and writing. I am so thankful for you and the mission God has given to you.

    My mission statement is something like this…My heart’s desire is that through the stories of my life, you would see the goodness and kindness of Jesus in your own.

  6. Thanks for sharing about this book. I can’t wait to read it. This came at the perfect time. I feel like my life is in limbo and I’m needing direction for the next journey. I am so thankful that God gives us exactly what we need at the time we need it most.

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