God Sized Surprises

The Bible is slap full of God Sized Surprises.

Think about it.

Mary, mother of Jesus . Minding her own business, dreaming of her future husband and wedding to be, when out of the wild blue yonder–an angel appears and throws the whole plan off. Not something you plan for.

Then there’s Paul, riding down the Christian Killing road and ending up with an eye patch.

How about Jonah one morning feeling rebellious, the next looking at the inside of a whale.

Esther from home-girl to Harem-girl in the blink of an eye.

Dot. Dot. Dot.

I know, you know, if like me you have walked with Jesus for a while, this really is His way more often than not.

The way of SURPRISE!

In all my years of placing my life into His hands on a moment by moment basis, I never know whats coming next.

This year has been the same. There have already been so many surprises and so many “have no clue” moments and it’s still January.

The WORD God gave me for the year of 2012 is Habakkuk 1:5

“Look at the Nations and watch and be UTTERLY AMAZED for I am doing a NEW THING in your days that YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE, even I you were told”.

The “BE UTTERLY AMAZED” part is coming on strong!

Think about it. Had Mary been sent an E-Mail telling her that in a few days an angel would stop by for tea…she would not have believed it.

Had Paul been sent a message warning him that a voice, no one else could hear, was about to shorten his next trip and change his journey forever…um, not so sure he would have believed it.

God still loves to surprise us.

One of my BIGGEST and SWEETEST kick-off the year surprises–

God has supernaturally placed me and the Surrendering the Secret Leadership network on a team with a two young brothers, Jon and Andy Erwin, who are about to change the world.

I’m telling you–YOU JUST WATCH these guys and BE AMAZED!

If I were not smack in the middle of it, I might not believe it was happening.

Get your reading glasses and take a look at this:

Look REAL close–bottom right side– and you will see why I am AMAZED!

YEAH GOD! Surrendering the Secret is a resource partner with October Baby. Our plan and our passion is to reach out to those churches who want to reach out to those men and women who are touched by this movie and need some answers and some hope.

I believe with all of my heart that this movie is going to open the eyes and heart of millions upon millions of men and women who have bought the lie of abortion. So many have never felt safe to look for healing and restoration in the church. So many remain silent in the fight and we need their HEALED voices!

God has surprised us with the blessing of meeting this amazing team and working hard to help get the word out about this great film.

Part of may hard work this past week 🙂 involved eating Sushi with these “October Baby” Actors.

Shari Rigby, who plays the Birthmother in the movie and Jason Burkey, who plays the cute boyfriend. The cast of this movie is stellar and each one is “The Star”. It is truly a BEAUTIFUL film.

It will be in Theatres on March 23.

Put the date on your calendar. You DO NOT want to miss this!!

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  1. Pat ~ You are “right on” God target… HE is on the MOVE in a BIG WAY and I say, “BRING IT ON!” HE IS AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your experience and God’s work with OCTOBERBABY and their talented team.


  2. Thank you Cinderella,
    We are excited about what God is about to do in Tulsa with your partnership with STS!
    Blessings sister,

  3. AWESOME!!! Congratulations! God is orchestrating His will in your life!! I know you will be such a blessing to so many through this opportunity. blessings to you.

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