Does God Really Answer EVERY Prayer?!

Welcome to the First Monday in August!

So…Lets get started with a discussion of our Month of Monday’s in August Calendar! (sign up on my homepage to receive your calendar each month!)

If you believe you will RECEIVE whatever you ask for in prayer! Matt 21:22

There is a part of me that obviously doesn’t believe. It’s true. I always believe God HEARS my payers. I always believe God CARES about my prayers but honestly, sometimes, either the way He answers or the NON noticeable answer just shifts my faith from BELIEVE into the unbelief zone.

The thing is–after 33 years of trusting God and being 100% ALL IN, I have learned (…AM learning) that God ALWAYS DOES answer our prayers. The timing may not be my chosen “lets get it done” timing and His answer may not look like i thought it should look. Still, as I look bak I can see that every single prayer is answered.

That’s the thing about FAITH right?! It’s all about NOT always seeing and NOT always understanding but ALWAYS BELIEVING.

It takes practice. It takes surrender. It takes letting go of control and that is not easy for me, how about you?

I want to SEE my kids serving God. RIGHT NOW!

I want to SEE my friend get healed. RIGHT NOW!

I want to SEE my bank account grow. RIGHT NOW!

I want to SEE the results of my hard work, ministry or obedience to what I feel God has told me to do.

Still—when I ALLOW MYSELF TO get quiet. Really get QUIET and let God speak into my heart. I ALWAYS hear!

When I get into God’s presence through scripture or worship—I KNOW.

I BELIEVE that He is God and I am not.

I am reminded that I may not SEE the answer now but I know that I know, God is TRUTH. If He says it, it is truth.

Is there something that you are praying, asking God for that BELIEVING is the door to RECEIVING?

Tell me your thoughts on this first Monday in August! and if you have a minute, say “HELLO” on my Facebook page!


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  1. My sweet daughter and I have been believing/trusting God for a full-time job with benefits for her since May 2015. He has been sooo faithful to provide for her in the meanwhile and we KNOW she will RECEIVE that for which we are believing God…maybe this will be the month – it is AUGUST RECEIVE month of Mondays – right?

    1. Wow Karen. I’ve been on this journey with my daughter as well but only for 7 months!! Thank you for sharing how God is providing as you wait!!????

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