God is WITH US!!! Day #7/30 Days to an Unstuck Christmas!

Happy, Happy Wednesday my DARLING (sister/friend/daughter/mom…)

“Greetings–The Lord is with you” as Dr. Luke would say!

We are stepping into (or “out of,” depending up when you read this) our 7th Day in the journey to an Unstuck Christmas.

How ya doing’??

Have you visited our Facebook group? If so, say “hello!” Make a new friend somewhere else in the world and tell us how it’s going for you!

Mostly–Enjoy God’s Word whenever your quiet time, reflective response and intentional journey takes place today. I hope you will scratch a note in your 30 Day 3-ring binder or printed papers. Your thoughts matter!!

Sweet Dreams, whenever they come! (maybe a nap!)

The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” Luke 1:28 (NIV)

Picture this, you are propped up on a narrow bed with pillows lifting your head and your feet snuggled firmly under your great-grandmother’s heavy, crocheted blanket. Spicy hot tea steams from a thin china cup beside you and visions of sugarplums dance in your head as you are drawing the words “my wedding day” in swirly letters across the top of a crispy page of parchment.

This is really happening. You have seen the ketubah (marriage contract) signed by the required 2 witnesses. A flowing canopy of the finest silk snaps in the breeze around you, and visions of your beloved bring a slow smile to your face. You can almost hear the breaking glass and shouts of “Mazel tov” that will be the very first sounds confirming your soon coming transition from child to woman. A mix of fear and excitement cause a shutter to travel from your toes to your head.

Suddenly, you are snatched from your sweet daydream by the deep melodic voice of a very large man who is standing above you dressed in the unrecognizable garments of a warrior. Something inside prompts you to run, but something deeper urges you to stillness.

The strange giant slowly raises his arm in a gesture of peace and speaks “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

The parchment holding the childlike drawings of your dreams floats to the floor as you fall to your knees and the sound of breaking glass rings up from the teacup as it crashes to the floor and makes you a woman.


Honestly, I cannot personally imagine any words that could get a heart any more UNSTUCK than the words that Mary heard that fate-filled day.

To me, these words spoken by an Angel of the Lord, an Angel who stands in God’s very living and Holy presence, shatter my heart.

“YOU are highly Favored.”

“The Lord is with you.”

Would it not be the highest imaginable honor?

So now let’s reflect on some VERY good, UNSTUCK, news?

This is God’s Holy Word

This Word is for YOU!

This Word is for ME!

We, my sweet sister, are highly favored!

God is with us!


Write it on your hand, write it on a mirror, email to a friend! Instagram it! Dance to it. Cry to it. OWN IT!!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are mine and I am yours. You are my eternal Bridegroom and I am your beloved Bride. I am waiting for you and you are waiting for me. Unspoiled. Unbroken. Pure and forgiven. Fill me with your sweet presence today and I will be forever changed. Amen.

An essential aspect of the holiday season is, not only to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but also to HONOR God’s ultimate act of love and devotion to US by sending His only son. I love the thought of honoring and celebrating my sweet family, especially during this blessed time of the year.

So here’s a fun idea to honor and celebrate the favorite people in your life!


Personalize tree ornaments for a family member (or all of them if that’s a manageable number), friend, or co-worker. An inexpensive (yay), and easy (double yay) keepsake!

Take a look at these DIY ornaments (I LOVE the blue/reindeer ball). The description states “for kids,” but does it count if one is a kid at heart – like me?!

Click on the picture for all the instructions!
Let’s stick with the intention of HONOR. What is one of THE hottest commodities in our world today?

No, I’m not talking about a flashy sports car or fancy trip. I’m referring to that ever-so-elusive quest for TIME!! We’ve chatted about the crazy buzz of our daily activities. Well, scope out that person in your life that could really use the gift of time!

As a way to celebrate, honor and praise the special someone in your circle of caring, offer to grocery shop, run an errand, pick up the kids, pick weeds for him/her. Offer a simple gesture of kindness by giving him/her an hour of their time back!


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