Giveaway From far Away!

Hi friends,

I am writing my post with a few extra minutes before meeting up with a girlfriend and heading to Tampa International Airport on what seems so far to be a sunny day in Tampa!


I am sadly leaving Honey behind on this trip to hold down the hatches which may be literal. We are watching while Hurricane Erika makes up her fickle girl mind and decides where she wants to land. I am familiar with THAT feeling!! LOL

Anyway, I travel today through Denver into lovely Colorado Springs for a day of meeting up with some transplanted friends before my Focus on the Family interview on Tuesday.

I plan to attempt my regularly scheduled Periscopes as explained HERE and have a special PeriscopeMonday Morning Mentor” session to share from “The Springs”.

Here is my Monday Mentor question of the week–remember, my plan is to MENTOR as I am MENTORED!! We all have something to share and i need you just as much, maybe more, as you need me. BTW—If you are wondering what my “Mentor/Coach” input might be, please read more about me HERE to see if we may be living common dreams and callings.

Question…what would you dream of doing or being 5 years from today?

One of my dreams came true with the release of my new book and basically my life’s message Life Unstuck.

After Focus on the Family (if THAT wasn’t thrilling enough” I’ll be presenting my VERY FIRST Life Unstuck “Girl Party” at Northern Hills Christian Church in Brighton Colorado on Wednesday Night! If you live near, please join us!! And if you would like to HOST a Life Unstuck Woman’s Event, please email my office at patlayton@mac.com and I will send you an info sheet!

I can even share with you how to RAISE SOME MONEY for your church or ministry with the event!

Honestly, when we don’t know the answer to the question above–you may be in a season between dreams and need to spend some quality  seeking and considering your next direction and actions. I have been living that for about a year and getting some wonderful clarity and direction and trust me…it is not ALL what I thought it would be.

I’ll be sharing my process and my progress on my Monday Morning Mentor blog (right here) and periscopes. I hope you will join me and LET ME KNOW you are there. You can leave questions for me here on the blog (and get credit for them!) or you can DIRECT MESSAGE ME ON TWITTER!

So, I’m off–you are ON!

I will not post here again until Friday when I announce my winner but stay in touch through Instagram; Facebook and Twitter!

As usual my FREE DRIDAY WINNER of Simply Tuesday by @emilyfreeman will be my giveaway and trust me–you will LOVE IT!!

Blessings on you sweet week! I hope to see you as I travel 🙂





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  1. My life is currently in pieces right now, as you know Pat. In five years from now, I pray that I am settled in a place of my own with my kids and husband (praying for a miracle)! If he is not able to join us, I pray that I am settled with the kids. I would also like my blog to be well established and possibly working on a book. I don’t really have a five year plan, I’m just going where God tells me to go. I pray that Erika stays away and will be praying for your safe travel home and praying the event goes wonderful. I just watched the periscope replay and that seems like such a inspiring place I pray I get to visit one day.

  2. Thank you for posing this question. It is forcing me to really focus all of these millions of thoughts rolling and bumping around in my head. I would love to be a speaker/author…sharing the stories of my life with Jesus with others. I pray that all this passion can be used for good and the glory of God! That He will bring focus and clarity to the excitement and ideas I have! But I hold onto the dream loosely, because ultimately I want His will…whatever that may be 🙂

    1. Melissa–YOU ARE A SPEAKER AND AUTHOR!! Start where you are are step into one little space at a tine! SMALL is powerful!! And trust me—God does want you to be one!! (Rev 12:11) It is up to HIM to lead you into the ministry STYLE HE desires for you.

  3. Dreaming of where I will be in 5 years is something I am wanting to focus on spending some time with the Lord about. I have thoughts about things I want to do, but I want to dream the dreams He has for me.

    1. Kandee, I am a firm believer that if your dream glorifies God, lines up with His Word and uses your talents, you have found HIS PLAN!
      Go for it!!

  4. Thank you for hosting such a lovely giveaway for your readers/supporters! In 5 years I would love to have continued to grow my jewelry business big enough to stay home full-time with my kiddos <3

    1. Heather, thank you for the comment! I am saying a prayer for you as I reply that God will continue to STIR UP the passion and dream that you have for being a stay-home Mom and that he will show you the way. BE VERY STILL in your heart, stay in His Word and around His people and watch for His answer!

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