Getting to That Place where Churning meets Calm

Honey and I woke up this morning, day 3 of our mountain getaway, to the sounds of a steady rain filling the air in the cottage. You can see by the photo below why this beautiful place is called a mountain “cottage” rather than a mountain “cabin”.  

It is now almost 3pm and we are still lazily wallowing in this special rainy day!! We have burned through 5 buckets of firewood and I have not moved from the couch in front of the fire for anything but the bare necessities!
We started our day with a quiet fireside breakfast/brunch of French Toast, Bacon and steaming pot of Creme Brulee’ flavored coffee that has since been refilled 3 times (almost keeping up with the firewood bucket)!!
Both of us have been more than content to settle into God’s Word for an extended time, with God providing the worship music of the morning. 
The rain sounds different from this mountain porch than it does from our suburban home in Florida. 
Silence is the background music for each rain drop to touch the billions of tree leaves that surround us. 
It is impossible not to totally focus your listening ears on each falling drop. I so wish that I could tape the sounds to add to my words.
The mountain stream that flows behind the cottage is struggling to continue to be heard. 
It all combines to truly create a symphony of God’s very own instruments. 
He, the single conductor, musician and sound system. 
He has our undivided attention. We have His.

“The Lord spoke to you face to face
out of the fire
on the mountain”
Deuteronomy 5:4

Yesterday’s outdoor journey’s took us on a stroll throughout the reserve and some of the more gentle trails. 
The Fall leaves are just getting started and splatter the mountains according to their hearts desire. They refuse to be ordered around by any particular pattern or boundary and have increased in passion each day since our arrival.
They do what they want to do, where they want to do it!

Mountain streams flow every which way throughout the property.

Sometimes ending in a fisherman’s dream. Our G-boy Jacob would be in fish heaven!!

Butterflies and Bumble Bee’s seem to be working on Summers last provision.

Fall decorations created by people try to work together with the drama created by Gold, Yellow and Reds of the mountain splendor.

Honey and I completed our day with a trip to a little “Downtown” Bistro for dinner. No 5 o’clock rush hour around here.

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of Praise

in the city of our God
His Holy mountain
It is beautiful in it’s loftiness
The Joy of the whole earth”
Psalms 48:1

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  1. Pat,
    I am jealous with a Godly jealousy! If my ‘honey’ read this he would agree this is our kind a trips…only along with our books, coffee and firewood, we’d be dropin a line in from our fishin poles.

    blessings to you both,

  2. Tammy,
    I used to wonder about fishing. It seems a bit like Golf to me. My question was always….why would anyone want to engage in such a tedious, slow moving and frustrating “sport”. As I have gotten older and a bit more relaxed, I have come to understand these choices more. I think the reason is PEACE and QUIET!
    Wow, what a concept 🙂
    I may just have to buy a fishing pole today.
    The Golf Course here seems a bit too “uneven” to be peaceful!
    Bless you!!

  3. Sweet Pat,

    All I have to say is…Aaaahhhhh. Thanks for sending my hurried soul on a quiet respite.

    SO beautiful!

    SO God!

    Love you girl,

  4. LOL! Pat were it not for my sweetie I would probably have missed these bits of heaven on earth.

    Interesting you should mention golf, at God’s urging I just took up golf this year. He not only wanted me to take it up but instructed me to bring a few ‘Hand picked’ – sisters along with me.

    I have learned to follow His lead no matter if I understand or not.

    I said fine, I will be obedient but you will have to drop it in my lap as I have no clue where to begin…the thought of finding a golf pro or asking a good friend to help me and this group because God had told me to…um…I don’t know, thought I might come off a bit flakey.

    Within the week at the end of our church’s winter Bible study one of the ministry team announced a new Bible Study being hosted at a local country club, a fellowship of Girlfriends, God and Golf. No experience needed and in addition to the studies we would begin regular instruction with the clubs resident golf pro, who happened to be a believer and Bible Study teacher at same country club.

    It was in my lap.

    I then went to the list of gals God laid on my heart and them what God had impressed on me…amazingly only one has been unable to attend. But as a result of asking we have developed a fuller relationship with her.

    The result is The Fore His Glory Bible Study group, you can read about it here, we actually have linked to the Surrender the Secret give away Melinda began Sunday.

    One more thing – really 🙂
    According to another friend God is all over golf, actually most games involving ball.

    A dear Bible Study buddy told a story, just this week of how her 50something husband has played hardball his whole life, loves to play sports basically any kind that involve balls. This very faithful husband and father wondered to our heavenly Father if He really cared about EVERYTHING we care about. God impressed upon him,
    ‘I like ball…I like to ‘play’ ball. Take a look at the planets’ : )

    Yah, He’s in everything!

  5. What a wonderful opportunity! I feel so much more at peace just from reading your blog! I’m glad I came by today.


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