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GET UNSTUCK from Winter to Spring!

Lets talk for a few weeks about getting unstuck from Winter to Spring.

I think a lot of us, over the last couple of years have dealt with a whole different level of life transition. So I specifically want to talk a bit about getting unstuck–FROM WINTER TO SPRING?
You might know–my book is called LIFE UNSTUCK  (It’s on AMAZON!) There are several tools in my Amazon Shop that will help you along this journey.

Right now, on my beautiful little northwest Georgia bit of heaven, there is so much new growth all around our property. I’m looking out through the windows of my She Shed at the  gorgeous, wild day lilies, Forsythia blooms, Pear trees, Wild Cherry trees, and my favorite is the fabulous Dogwoods right outside my window. They actually line our driveway. They’re not quite in full bloom yet (can you relate?) yet but within the next days or week they are going to be bursting out in beautiful little white flowers.
I would imagine wherever you are wherever you are located you are living with the same fresh beauty, as Easter approaches, things start to bloom and turn green all around you but you may be still feeling a bit STUCK IN WINTER!

I’d love to hear your thought below about YOUR SEASON but especially invite you to join me on my podcast–either right here on my website or via your favorite podcast platform!

Lets’ PAUSE together and think about ways that we can get UNSTUCK from Winter so that we can prepare our souls for a NEW SEASON of BLOOM!

Blessings to you!


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  1. Blessings and thank you for the article, sometimes I believe that we know that we are trapped by the winter and we get so familiar with it that we think “It is ok to be stuck” the beautiful thing is that when God comes and into our life he is the best to help us to be unstuck with his perfect love and then we see the beautiful Spring!

    1. I completely understand this and agree. I think the “familiar” of Winter–the seclusion is often an escape that becomes all too “safe”. Thank GOD for His perfect SEARCHING LOVE!!
      Thank you for sharing Veronica.

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