Fully Loaded!!!

My G-Boy is LOADED with His First Birthday Cake

Baby girl is LOADING the guest room with her back to school Dorm goodies, LOADING the Target carts, LOADING the Nordstoms card, LOADING on the “Mom, will you cook….for me before I leave next week” requests, LOADING the hugs and curl up on the bed with Mom moments!
I think I confessed in my last post that I will not be dropping my girl off at school this time.
Her Dad will be all alone for this trip (Did I mention anyone LOADING on GUILT!!).
I have actually had a wonderful ministry engagement on my calendar ALL YEAR!
WWWAAAYYYY…..before we knew her school start date.
While Dad and Daughter and LOADING the car for the drive to school then LOADING it all into her new dorm room at school, I , the Mom will be in…..San Antonio, Texas!!!
speaking, teaching, learning, connecting, networking……..at
LIFEWAY’s “FULLY LOADED” on August 20 and 21 followed by the amazing

PRAISE AND WORSHIP by Travis Cotrell connected to the anointed

PREACHING and TEACHING of Beth Moore!!
Let’s see…….
Packing, Loading, Crying, Driving, Unpacking, Crying, Setting up, Crying…all in the 100 degree temps of South Florida
A God filled weekend in the air conditioned church of Max Lucado, eating out every meal, with some wonderful Surrendered Sisters laughing and cutting up all the way there, meeting and ministering to a whole bunch of brand new sisters, followed by Worship and the Word!!
I Will see you at Parent’s Weekend in 2 weeks my sweet honey girl!
There is Still time if you want to come with us!! Go to www.lifeway.com/women

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  1. I am so stinkin’ LOADED with excitement! What in the world is God up to? I’m on the edge of my seat to see!

    Love to you this day!

  2. hello pat! i see our grand children
    have birthday’s close together. i’m having my grandson’s first b-day over here tomorrow. fun! love the cake on the face picture.
    esther’s little girl just turned two on the 12th. but she is living in ocala so we celebrated when i visited her in july.
    life is always fully loaded around here-i not sure how it all gets done.

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