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From My Prayer Chair

The Lord is faithful (can be trusted). He will ESTABLISH YOU (set you on a firm foundation) and Guard you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

The sun is wiggling light in between the tress outside my bedroom window. Chipmunks are trying to distract my quiet time but it’s OK. They ARE my quiet time symphony. They help me get UN-STUCK and UN-FOCUSED. Yes UN-FOCUSED!

They help me let go of my controlling thoughts and my plans for the day. They draw me into rest and cause my thoughts to wander. The weather has beautifully dipped into a crisp sweater weather place and I am doing a happy dance. I burned my very first fire in our new home all day yesterday. I likely risked an overheated fireplace! It is so good for me to Un-focus!!

My daily need is ever nestled and hidden in my life message—SURRENDER!!

I struggle so much with letting MY PLANS, my promotions, my concerns and my worries– truly take a back seat and allowing God to do what I ask Him to do every single day—LEAD ME!!! My constant and daily prayer is LORD ESTABLISH ME in YOUR best way and YOUR best place. Help me Jesus to let my plans go. To let control go. To rest and trust in you and that you truly care about my hearts desires.

I pray that every day but then–If God doesn’t work really fast, I take the plans back. can you relate?

I am so grateful for God’s faithfulness. I am so grateful that everyday, moment by moment, The Holy Spirit GUARDS ME! He keeps drawing me back into Gods plan. He keeps me established.

What is your strongest most pressing and obvious need today? Do you need to focus on some chipmunks?

Thank you Lord that you are faithful—We can trust you to establish our foundations. We can trust you to protect us and those we love today. We can rest in you and relax into what you are doing in our life. We don’t have to strive. We don’t have to plan. We don’t have to manage and manipulate things. We can trust people. We can trust YOU in and through people.

Help me watch the chipmunks. Thank you Jesus.

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