Freedom Weekend–Final Story

“Final Story” for this “Imagine Me” event anyway… Beyond that, I just can’t promise. God is just doing such cool things I can’t keep quiet!

I know my previous titles have been “Getting Naked with Ps 139” but some of my blog readers (AKA-MY CHILDREN !) have been a bit uncomfortable with that word picture so I am softening that up a bit so as not to run off my tiny but loyal fan club.

Honestly, I am not going to say a whole lot more about the Freedom Weekend itself. The pictures can tell the story for me. Created by Studio MCADesigns Melissa Carlson, an amazing photographer and a precious prayer partner!


I left you in this spine tingling thriller with our tiny, miniature, toy sized airplane backing out onto the runway as I watched my luggage sitting on the tarmac in the torrential rain!! OK, well it was raining REAL hard!! (Again, my children will monitor my words!)

We arrived at the Asheville airport, with fewer under and outer clothes than we had planned, but raring to deliver a devil knockout.

We were on our last nerve.

We were very warmly greeted then whisked away by our Chic Chauffeurs to get to the Cove like, yesterday. One car, I am told, traveled the entire 20-minute drive in 5 minutes. I was not in that one, Praise the Lord!!

We entered the meeting room at the Cove in our 14 hour clothing and rain styled hair to be welcomed by a standing ovation from the women of Mecklenburg Community Church.


The presence of God filled that sweet room and He did not release us from His grip for the next 40 hours PLUS!

He showed us how to embrace Peace with our Past.


He revealed the Power and Purpose of the Present circumstances of our lives.


He sparked a Passion for our Future that left us all dizzy with delight.


God spoke to our hungry hearts and confirmed many dreams (including mine) answered questions, soothed heart cries and healed heart breaks, all in one weekend. He did of course, create the world in 7 days so it was no big deal to Him at all!!

He is Good and Mighty….All the time, but was especially tender and sweet during the Freedom Weekend at The Cove in Asheville for me and for the sisters of Mecklenburg Community Church, Charlotte, NC!


I will let this post set for a few days then get to my comment give-away. Ya know, all those goodies that were left in my luggage in Atlanta! I promise to only send the dry ones!

The next “Imagine Me…Redeemed, Restored, Renewed…Set Free” is coming up in a few weeks in San Antonio, Tx followed the next weekend in Denver, Colorado.

Just think, if you leave now, you may get there in time for the opening presentation!!

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  1. Yes HE did! I am so pumped to be partnering with you!
    You have such an awesome heart and I know God is going to bless this message!
    Love you!
    Cant wait till San Antonio!

    Honey Girl

    p.s. to the awesome ladies who read the lovely Pat’s blog- All pics were taken by my amazing, beautiful, creative, talented “momager”. Dont know what we (IMSF Team) would do without her! especially me hahaha….

  2. Pat and Kate- I have been talking about you guys all week and all of my friends are JEALOUS! We have been burning up Kate’s youtube videos to hear that beautiful voice and I have been linking to Pat’s STS website to reach some very important persons in my life. Thank you both for letting GOD get you to me this past weekend. And I of course Thank HIM for getting me there! I am a life forever changed.

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