Living in God’s Holy Splash!

One week has passed since last weekends “Imagine Me..Set Free” conference at Georgianna United Methodist Church in Merritt Island, Florida. I left the weekend feeling like God had shown up in an amazing and special way.

Today, I have spent some time reading the feedback sheets and cards from the Woman’s Ministry Director and the Pastor! (That was cool!!). I pray that you will rejoice with me at what God did for those sisters in Christ!

First, the event was gorgeous! The entire leadership team was absolutely surrendered to allowing God to draw out their most precious gifts and talents. All were used to glorify Him in amazing ways. The women were blessed at HELLO as you will see by their comments! I have shared some direct quotes from the feedback sheets.

135 Women attended the weekend, 16 women surrendered their hearts to Christ!


From the Pastor’s card:

“I had the honor of living in the Holy Splash Zone of God’s love and mercy poured through you and Cheryl. So many lives were touched and many had spiritual breakthroughs. I am grateful for the deposit of love you made here in Merritt Island”


From the Woman’s Ministry Director, Janice :

“WOW!! Amazing weekend here at Georgianna. This past weekend exceeded my expectations!! Your heart for God and His precious daughters is so evident in every word and deed. God’s redeeming power was magnificently displayed. Thank you for being such a testimony of His grace and an instrument of His love. Every tiny detail of this event was perfectly planned and pursed just for us!!

Just a FEW of the precious comments from the women:

Share One thing God revealed to you this weekend**

I understand fresh ways to share my faith with those who do not follow Christ.

I finally BELIEVE that God will never let me go.

I left the weekend with faith that my marriage can be redeemed through Christ and that redemption begins with ME!

The secrets I have been guarding in my life have actually foster additional shame and quilt. I learned that by confessing and repenting I allow God to shine His light into those dark places of my life and that’s when healing really begins.

I am a LADYBUG and that’s OK with God, in fact, it is what HE planned! Embrace who I am!

Not Only has God been with me my whole life, in some places I just couldn’t imagine before, but after thinking that out in our quiet time, I know I can trust Him with my daughter as well.

My story is important and God wants to use it for His Glory!

I finally heard God say that I am going in the right direction!

God reminded me that all I am doing, though most of it is missed by others, is all for HIM!

God has a plan for the pain I am in and He is with me as I continue to BLOOM!

I need to marry my boyfriend and quit living in sin! God’s got better things than that for me!!

I am not alone in the pain I have in my marriage right now. God is with me and so are many other women. I need to be more open so that others feel safe as well.

As Pat said–Prepare to be Amazed!


What did you enjoy MOST about the Freedom weekend?

It was ALL based on God’s Word.

Pat is genuine, funny and loving. I loved every minute! (awww…shucks 🙂

The materials were all so cool together! I love Sunflowers!!


The MUSIC and worship!

The minute I stepped out of my car, I felt special!

This is by far, the BEST woman’s event I have ever attended.

These words have poured into my heart today to inspire me and keep me reaching for more of God. I have whispered to Him BEFORE every retreat weekend, Lord, if this is the last one I get to do, Thank you.

If it was, I am so very thankful for each and every one.

What inspires YOU to keep going with God has planted in you? What fertilizes YOUR BLOOM?

BTW–If you or anyone you know would like to talk to me about sponsoring an Imagine Me..Set Free, freedom weekend, please email me! I would LOVE to do this again and again.

Living in His Splash with Pastor Corky!




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