All Pro Dad

I am so excited to see THIS!!

My wonderful friend Mark Merrill has just released his FIRST BOOK!

Check this video where he is joined by no other than our good friend–you may have heard of him–Coach Tony Dungy, to hear all about this great new book!

All Pro Dad Book.

Mark and his wife Susan moved to Tampa over 20 years ago and we became fast friends. We have supported one another as we have walked shoulder to shoulder–good times and bad– in our 2 different, but very much related ministries. Mark has counseled and coached me through many twists and turns as a leader and a friend.

Mark and Susan have raised a beautiful family, while at the same time, growing their little home based ministry into a International Family focused ministry that has literally saved lives all over the world.

Mark has given me 6 Books to give away!!! For FREE!!

Leave a comment and tell me WHY you should get one and I will have one of the Dad’s on my ministry “team” pick their favorites!



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  1. I have an “all-pro husband” who is always trying to improve as a dad by the grace of God and practical biblical instruction provided by men like Mark Merrill. I’d love to give this book to him for Father’s Day!

  2. This books sounds very timely for our generation. I don’t know the details of the book or ministry, but would love an opportunity to read the book and share with others. I am married to a great guy that has done a top job of influencing our children. So blessed!! ( I enjoyed meeting you and Julianna last weekend in Michigan – you are in my prayers as I know God will continue to use this mighty DUO!). Bless you and hello to Julianna.

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