Free Friday! Yah! 14 Day Romance Challenge Winner!

Happy Free Friday friends! Thank you for saying hello and joining my FREE BOOK Giveaway for my friend Sharon Jaynes new book A 14 Day Romance Challenge! I hope you have actually joined us for the fun. Sharon is actually doing another giveaway on her FACEBOOK PAGE this week so if you are NOT my winner:

Tah Dah!!! Susan Williams 🙂 (we will be sending you an email soon for your mailing address!)

You still have a chance to win Sharon’s new book!

Either way–Just in time for Valentines Day! Sharon has provided EVERYONE with a FUN FREE DOWNLOAD! Thank you Sharon! Your book is FUN!

A 14 Day Romance Planner 14 Day Romance Planner


I hope you will come back to the blog next week.

I’ll be staying on the FREE FRIDAY LOVE MONTH THEME, when I give away Susan Merrill, from IMom’s book. Lists to Love By!


As always, I am grateful for your visit and your greetings!

Have an amazing weekend!



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