Free Friday 5 Book Giveaway!

Hi Friends–Its’ FREE FRIDAY Plus my end of August Give-Away! I have 5 Life Unstuck Books to Give Away TODAY!


Thank you all for freely sharing your answers to my question posed a few weeks ago here on my blog! You provided some very helpful insight for the new book I am working on and I am grateful. I always appreciate feedback on my post. It helps so much to know someone is on the “other side” of my rambling and life observations.

You have also shared on Twitter and Facebook and I am grateful!!

So today I have a bit of business to take care of.

First—I am packing to leave my honey behind for a trip to Focus on the Family! Oh MY! I am to be interviewed by Jim Daly and John Fuller!! Talk about being “on the other side” WOW. I am so familiar with listening to their broadcast–not so much TALKING on them. Please say a little prayer for me. I’ll be sharing about my 2 new books, A Surrendered Life (released July, 2014 by Baker Books) and Life Unstuck (released in March 2015 by Revell Books).

While I am in beautiful Colorado, I’ll be joining my dear friend Susan Sorenson at her amazing church, Northern Hills in Brighton, Colorado for my very first Life Unstuck Girls Night Out! If you live in the area, please join us for a night of PEACE-PURPOSE and PASSION! 

On another note–if you don’t know I have started a TRIAL RUN with with a 3 Times a week broadcast on Periscope. If you are on TWITTER, you can be on PERISCOPE (as I understand).

Until further notice (i.e. nobody is listening..) my “scopes” will be live 3 mornings each week somewhere between 10 and 11 am. The scopes remain available (unless I delete it :)) for your viewing for 24 HOURS!

That is one thing I love about Periscope–NOBODY needs another deadline, right?!! I love the flexibility of getting the scope done!

  1. On Monday’s I’ll be sharing a “Monday Morning Mentoring Message” both things I am LIVING OUT and learning as well as things I have LEARNED for those women who are dreaming of, in the throws of or STUCK in living out a dream for a Full Time Ministry or Business–speaking, writing, dog grooming…!
  2. On Wednesday I’ll be Sharing “A Word for Women” which will be a “peri-snack” short scope offering a word of encouragement to get you over HUMP DAY and come in for a sweet landing for the week! Lastly–
  3. On FRIDAYS (i.e TODAY) I will share a  FREE FRIDAY Giveaway. The winner(s) will be chosen from those who have given me the most HEART LOVE on Periscope all week (hey–EVERY girl needs to get some encouragement!); those who comment on my blog that week; and those who SHARE–my periscopes and blog post with their friends anywhere on social media. I do my “berry best” to enter your name EVERY TIME you do one of those things!!

So, I hope you will join the Peri-Party!!

Until then—TaDah!! This weeks winners are:

Tiffany (tanchella)

Melissa Longval

June Chapko

Cindy Bultema

Tammy Rude

Thank you for your support ladies, email me you mailing address and I will send you a FREE FRIDAY Life Unstuck book with a few goodies!!

Happy Friday, hope to see you on “the scope” in just a bit.

I have a VERY SPECIAL GIVEAWAY for next week you will not want to miss and an unusual scope spot today!



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