Free Books Friday

As UNGLUED as my week has been, it has all worked out and NOW I get to give stuff away. I LOVE that!

I have loved reading your notes and emails. I have loved adding new friends to my mailing list.

Since we had so many sweet words and wanted to give some extra books away, we decided YES–Let’s Do it.

So, we have added 5 books to our original 3. That is 8 FREE BOOKS!

My Staff had fun choosing and praying for God’s blessing plan. I am THRILLED to announce our WINNERS for last weeks contest…TaaDaa!!!!

Grand Prize Winner!! B J Kinser : Unglued, God, Grace & Girlfriends, and Trusting God.

Caitlin Huffer : “Kates Song”

Susanne Shreeder : “Identity and Destiny”

Marilyn Lynch:  “40 days with Jesus – Celebrating His Presence”

Anita Grace:  “Guilty by Association”

Lori Frey: “The Merchant’s Daughter”

my wonderful Executive Assistant Alyssa will be mailing the books today.

Thank you again for visiting Living Free! Please come back and see what my next give-away is. You’re gonna want it!!


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  1. Good Morning Pat! I met one of your national trainers today for coffee – Suzanne Howard! She was such an encouragement to me! Our time together was a true blessing! She told me about your page (though I already have you on FB) and she mentioned I should add you here too, so I did just that. Just wanted you to know what a blessing you were to me many years ago when I met you at an Extraordinary Women’s conference! I have since taken STS and been set free! I am so excited to see the things God is doing with the expansion of STS in the Tampa Bay area. I will be praying for the women it will reach! God bless you and your ministries!!

  2. OH MY, Tracy, how precious of you to take time to say hello AND such sweet things. Suzanne is a dear, we are thrilled to have her on our National team. God is blessing our socks off here in Tampa. I’m looking forward to our meeting face to face!

  3. Hello and hurray!! I won a book and I haven’t read it so I am so EXCITED! Thank you!!
    I hope you are safe with all the weather that’s swirling around you! I will be praying extra for you and yours. Hopefully it will swing out to the gulf and just dwindle to a little rain and not hurt anyone!
    hugs and more hugs!!

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