For the Saving of Many Lives..

During my “Couch to 5K” walk yesterday–I am on Day 2 for the 3rd time since I keep skipping days :)–I had a sweet chat with the Lord about Diamond Days and Stone Days.

I shared here on the blog last week, a bit TOO transparently maybe, about having a few bad– AKA– “STONE” days.

My attempt was to openly share some “Eternal Truth about Everyday Life” from this ever learning and growing heart of mine. That is, after all, the mission of my blog.

We all have bad days. We all have days when it seems nothing is right and nobody cares.

The GOOD NEWS is that as our lives are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, as we are MADE NEW, as we roll our WORKS upon the Lord, as we RENEW our minds, as we TAKE every though captive, as we renew our JOY and our strength in God….

He turns our bad days into good days, not because our CIRCUMSTANCES Change, but because WE change.

Yesterday, during my Walk/Run, I was flying HIGH about some ministry events that are rockin’ my world.

The contrasts of the week hit me and I chatted with God about how last week I was all whiny and pouty and this week I am skipping planets. I confessed my sin of complaining and self pity (again :)), and talked to Him about my continued desire for a balanced attitude and evidence of spiritual growth. The area of being influenced and swayed by outside forces, the approval of man (or woman) and life circumstances, some simply hormonal but strongly influencing my JOY, none-the-less, has been a life-long journey of mine.

He told me some really cool things about that. My prayer is my next slip upon that slope will be shorter and fall quickly into the arms of His presence and His truth.

Today, I finished journaling through the book of Genesis.

The Book ends with Chapter 50 and the awe inspiring words of Joseph that say in verse 20:

“You intended to harm me (devil!) BUT GOD intended it for good, to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Have you had a Day that the devil meant for evil that God used for good lately??

BTW—Thank You to the over 400 friends who joined yesterday’s Webcast. It is available for download at the Lifeway website. We have entered your names in our next STS drawing HERE.

Otherwise….My February Drawing is still THIS!

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  1. Pat,
    God used your diamond and stone blog to minister me. i am so glad i found your site. this past sunday was a real “stoner” as satan was throwing all the rocks he could at me. then, on monday , jennifer emailed me and told me she couldn’t get my story to open so that night i sent it in a different format. on tuesday she emailed me back and thanked me for it so that was a definite diamond day! but i look back on it now and see how badly the emeny wanted me to just bury my head under the covers and never come out. just think, i wouldn’t have never got my story to ya’ll if he had won on sunday! when i log on your blog is the first thing i go to each day. so thank you for writing – it really helps
    plus, i have been singing john denvers song over and over out loud to my husband and he’s holding his ears!! so thank you for sharing the good, bad and ugly with us.
    i love you in Christ!

  2. Anita,
    This cracked me up :). I did the same thing to my honey!
    Thank you for the kind comment. I am so grateful when God uses my words to bless someone.
    As for the typo—you and I seem to be VERT much alike 🙂

  3. I SO appreciate your transparency!! Life is real and we will have our good and bad days. But God has got us right where he wants us! And I am forever thankful for that!!

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