Flower Power!

Welcome to my new blog! Can you think of any better way to start each day than to get a bouquet of flowers from your son?? I can not!

I have had so much fun over this past year writing on my first blog “Sweet Tea” about life’s ups and downs and ins and outs. I love sharing my heart through God’s Word. I love taking pictures of just about EVERYTHING with “how will this look on my blog” in mind.

Most of all, I love knowing that I am being visited by so many people that I have cherished all my life, as well as those new friends that God has brought onto my path just this past few years!

One of the most precious blessings that God has poured out upon my life is to have my adult children joined or connected to my daily life in some personal way.

Our “baby” girl, who turned 21 this summer, is a special part of my personal story at every speaking engagement as I share how God brought her into our lives. I never fail to see the anointing of God fall upon every place I tell it and watch lives change. It is a magical story of God’s grace and power. I always call or text her afterwards and tell her how she changed lives without even being present. One day soon, she will be joining me behind a microphone and actually seeing what God does to the faces of those who hear about her precious life.

Our middle son, who is married to a beautiful woman and father of 3 of THE MOST ADORABLE  little ones you have ever laid your shiny eyes on, is Executive Director of the ministry that I founded over 20 years ago here in Tampa called “Life Impact Network”. God called him and assigned him, much to my very great surprise! He is absolutely PERFECT for the ministry. He has all of the qualities and skills that the ministry needs as God moves us from a small local ministry into a National presence. More important than his skill, is his heart for God, for family, for life! There could be no greater honor for me, than to have him leading the home team as God moves us into new places and callings.

Finally, our first born son, also the groom of a gorgeous bride and father of 2 amazing, talented and handsom sons, is the most creative, talented and versatile guy I know. He always has been. You guys know him as “The Remodeling Guy”. As a little boy we would find him up under the hull of my Dad’s old wooden boat creating something, or up in a tree figuring out how to homestead a tree house out of twigs. Then, there was that time when he tried to create a rocket out of a coke bottle and some explosives!! When faced with a tough situation, Tim loves evaluating the variables, rearranging and trying new things to create beauty. He loves to make something out of nothing and never, ever stops trying until he feel he has gotten it just right.

This new blog of mine is a perfect example of his skill, talent and love for his Mama!

I am so excited to be able to come here every day and give God Glory for my life, hopefully inspire others to embrace all that God has for them and to anticipate with hope and humble surrender all that He has in store for tomorrow!

Stay tuned, “Remodeling Guy” is still REMODELING right here and you get to watch him at work!! No worries, there is nothing here to blow up!

In His Grip,

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  1. Great first post Mom! I agree with everything you said about offspring #2, and #3, but not so sure about the #1 kid. Blowing up bottles? I don’t remember anything like that!

    I’m glad you like the flowers!



  2. Wow, this is beautiful. Your son is very talented and it shows! Will this take the place of Sweet Tea?? xxoo Chrissy

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