I remember the day (this will date me!) when we used to drive our car up to a gas station and a man in a jumpsuit would come running out and fill our car with gas. While he was doing that, he would take a spray bottle and a cloth and wipe your windshield clean, check the tires and maybe add a bit of air if they were low. Often, this man would know you as a loyal customer and tell you if you were due for an oil check or some kind of regular maintenance on your car.

Wow, I ‘m getting all nostalgic….
I rebelled for so long after that little man retired and new pumps came in that required me to GET OUT OF MY CAR! on a hot sunny day or a rainy day or a freezing cold day, and PUMP my own gas. I hated that. It was demeaning and STINKY and sometimes I get gasoline on my hands or gas spray on my dress and smell like gasoline all day long. I used to have my honey to take the cars every Sunday and fill them with gas so I wouldn’t have to do that. He used to always do that for me. They would just appear in my driveway all ready to roll!
Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end…………
On August 1, I ended my latest prayer journal and started a fresh one. I always love that for some reason. It makes me feel like LIFE is fresh and that any bad stuff that I had written or needed or whined to God about in my last journal, is all gone and I am fresh and clean to start a new season of prayer.
At the beginning of this new journal, I captured the amazing time that I had at “She Speaks” and I made a list of questions that I have for God as I begin this next “season” of life. 
A precious friend suggested that I take a walk through the PROVERBS for the next 31 days as I had shared with her my lack of clarity in several KEY areas of my life/ministry. I shared that I have lots of questions for God and really need some wisdom about moving forward with some specific ideas.
I started my new journal doing just that and make my way today though Proverbs Chapter 6. 
Gods Word is so, so good. So faithful. So RIGHT ON and ALIVE!
During my quiet time today, He had me go back and RE-READ my requests of Him. My questions list. My brand new FRESH pages of life for the NEXT season written just a few days ago. What could be there that I had already forgotten?? I don’t usually go back and reread my words for several weeks at least.
I was so humbled and so clearly answered.
Maybe what God spoke to me will speak to you today. I pray that it will but be warned it is not pretty! As a matter of fact, I hope it stinks!
Pat, sometimes you come before me as if to say “Fill R Up” Lord. 

Drop your answers into my empty tank and lets get going! We have places to go, people to see, books to write, speeches to make, Grandkids to hang out with, family to serve, a MINISTRY to run!

“FILL R UP Lord!”

You want to sit in your comfy green “prayer chair” and wait while I “fill your tank” and “clean your windows”??

Daughter, that is not my way. 

My way is for you to DWELL in my presence. Stay so FULL and Saturated in me and my Word that you will squeeze out with my WILL. Your tank will STAY FULL!! My Spirit and my Favor will spill out on your hands and your clothes and you will SMELL like me. You will automatically do my WILL. You will Walk each day into the places that I would have you go.

You want wisdom Pat—-Fill Up with Me.
You want answers—Fill Up with Me.
You want direction—Fill Up with Me.

FILL R UP Pat and you will overflow with those things and your tank will never run dry!!
Proverbs 6:22
When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you.
ps…If you would like to hear more about Proverbs and my “walk in wisdom” today, check out our Blog at “Surrendering the Secret”

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  1. Oh Pat! Just what this "empty" tank needed! I'm 3 weeks from Bible Study starting and feeling a bit overwhelmed and "under-ready"…but you have reminded me what is most important…to be filled with Him.

    thank you and blessings!

  2. Thanks Pat for just letting God use you like you do! I got your sweet comment, that meant alot to me. I did finally post again…just something light, but a post non the less….love ya!

  3. OH WOW. This is beautiful. Gulp…I have a prayer chair too and I know I've asked God to Fill R Up from there. Oh my. thank you so much for this post!!! What a reality check for my heart.

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