Faith in the Dark

I trust you Lord, BUT, I really would like to see where we are headed.

I have always been afraid of the dark. Since I was a little girl, sleeping in a bedroom with 3 younger sisters, darkness has un-nerved me. I must have some tiny little light to fix my eyes upon before I can truly relax. A tiny sliver of space in the hotel drapes; the street light that opens the darkness of my living room; the nightlight over the stove that shows me the way to the kitchen.

I have learned to capture the amount of light I need. The amount of light that makes me comfortable.



Most of the time.


But not right now.

This week I am about to step into some “life” darkness of sorts, that is not light enough to suit my fancy.

For some people, it may not be such a big deal. It is not some devastating medical report. I have people I love living in that kind of inky presence right now. My step is not THAT scary—but it is scary enough for me.

I am leaving my job.

I have not been “unemployed” for over 40 years!

Actually, it is more than a “JOB” it is a part of my life and has been for a long, long time.

By my own choice, I am leaving a place of security and independence. What’s up with that??

I am stepping away from a place that has provided a very perfect LIGHT in my life for over 25 years and CHOOSING to trust God in the darkness. I am stepping away from my position as President of a ministry I founded and have essentially lived, led, served in, grown, prayed over and been extremely comfortable in–to step into a place where I can not see a thing. I have no idea where the safe places are. I don’t have a clue where I might land. I’m not even totally sure where the next step is!

Can you relate?

God says in Psalm 139:12 that “Darkness is Light” to Him. 

Is there darkness in your life right now? Be reminded with me that our darkness is God’s Light. He sees us. He knows where to lead us He knows what we need.

Is there something going on where you can not see what comes next? Something that is requiring complete trust in God’s love for you? Real belief in His promise that “Darkness is light to Him”.

I would love to hear from you.

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  1. I met you in Muncie when you came to speak. Your story inspired me, lifted me up, gave me hope. I am retired too, and am failing retirement after working since I was 13, so I can relate. But as Don Piper said when I heard him speak (the author of ”90 Minutes in Heaven”, the reason you’re here is God has more things for you to do. So it is with all of us. I want to do a video with you and you have so much to share. Have you ever allowed someone to video you speaking about your life story, like you did in Muncie, and allowing us to use multiple cameras, and capture it as it happens, and then edit it and post produce it and upload it to YouTube? That could happen next spring, if you have an interest. As I talked with Elizabeth Rowray, it just seems like this would be a better venue for your story and more accessible to places like ”First Choice for Women” all over this country and this world, than a documentary, or even a film made for the big screen. What do you think? Is God calling you to say ”Yes” to this?
    Please pray about it and let me know. The TCOM Department at Ball State University where I worked for 36 years, has an incredible reputation for doing quality work and has won more Regional Emmys than any other university in the U.S. And our students are very good. Please pray about this and let me know if you are willing to talk with me further about this. We have found a student who will put together a team using professional equipment, and will shoot and edit the work for you, and allow you to have editorial control… obviously, you have that… you would be doing the presentation, but I mean the right to authorize final release of the video. This is my comment on your announcement about ”your surrendered life.” Love in Christ,
    Jim Needham

  2. Wow Ms. Layton
    I have only learned of you and your marvelous work for a little over a year and I would like to tell you how much you have impacted my life. I even wrote a book and acknowledged it to you. I am waiting for the printed version but if you cannot wait for the hard copy I would like to send you the email version. Your book and the seminars that came from it brought me from the brink of my 4 abortions and 2 miscarried guilt and emotional prisons. I pray God allows you to know more of the people you have inspired and helped with your ministries. I hope you never stop the emails too. God Bless Jenny Ortega

    Wow! Jenny! Thank you!

  3. I am on week 8 of Surrendering the Secret. I have been going through it one on one with my leader. My abortion was over 31 years ago and has deeply affected everything in my life. Thank you for your wonderful insight and guidance through this difficult process. Through your book and videos I finally found the healing I have longed for all these years. I can’t wait to help other women go through the process of healing. Thank you, Pat, and God bless you in your future adventures.

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