Everyday Confetti!

God is teaching me some really cool spiritual truths about Fall. Particularly the Fall season of a personal life cycle! One thing I know for certain is that there is reason to celebrate IN EVERY SEASON!


I LOVE pretty things, especially pulling together design elements to create lovely, charming spaces for my family and friends. I have always loved to have my home reflect the celebrations of every season. Right now, I’m all about Autumn – of course–warm colors, rich textures, and earthy accents.I actually tend to go a bit overboard with my decorations. once I pull the boxes of the season out of storage, I just have this NEED to let nothing go to waste.

Digging into a box of decoration “potential” helps my whirling thoughts rest and channels my creative buzz. Even when I fear the outcome of a baking venture or crafty project will be far less than average, I dive in anyway! When I’m in my creative lane I can truly feel my own inspired potential bubbling to the surface and I fold my mind inward just to let it shine.

NOT ALLOWED: nasty negative talk to damper the flow of sweet new ideas!

This was by far my favorite decoration of this year! Isn’t it cute. The box was actually built for me by a friend of my daughters after I showed her a picture on Pinterest and said “I want one”. The next day she delivered one to my door. (I’ll definitely remember her creative talents!!)


Since my Give-away for the month is the precious book written by my dear friends Karen Ehman and Glynnis Witwer, I thought it might be fun to share a couple fun Fall decorating projects – easy “do-it-yourselfers,” that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Remember my friend, we are hemmed in by God!

He provides us greater peace of mind, a greater sense of security, and greater freedom to play and just be His kids. It is within God’s protective borders that we have the freedom to let go, to enjoy the gifts and talents He has placed inside us, to run freely, and to truly enjoy our lives to the fullest without the slightest hint of fear.

So let go!

Experience some EVERYDAY CONFETTI during this special season of Thanksgiving! Take up crafts, sports, crochet, sewing, underwater basket weaving – whatever! Do it! Embrace it and let your heavenly Father show the world you belong to Him.


I am JOYFULLY giving away of copy of Everyday Confetti this month but for now why don’t you ramble over to either Karen or Glynnis’s websites (or BOTH) and sign up for this 7 day FUN Challenge!

Here are a few other ideas to get you started!

Thanksgiving/Fall Hurricane Vases


Burlap and Bows Table Runner


I also invite you to sign up for my Living Free newsletter on the right hand side of my website! In my fall newsletter, I shared how I put my lovely planter together! You don’t want to miss my December surprise!!

Tell me–What is YOUR hobby and I’ll drop your name into the basket for our November drawing of Karen and Glynnis’s book!

Tuesday Blessings,


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  1. I have several hobbies, but what I get the most enjoyment from is my collection of teapots/cups and setting the scene in my bedroom converted tearoom. I love making the seasons change by setting out seasonal tea sets and decorating my little tearoom. It’s a pleasant place to sit and focus on my Lord

  2. I love to make wreaths and to bake! I was taught how to make Christmas wreaths from boughs cut in the forest. It was a Thankagiving tradition to go out and collect boughs and build fresh fir and pine wreaths for Christmas. I haven’t done it in years cause I moved away from the mountains…need to find a new source to supply my hobby.

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