Every Life is Beautiful!!

I am excited and honored to be a part of the amazing new film “October Baby”  coming to theaters on March 23rd.

Check out our website for a preview of the movie and be able to locate a theatre near you!

You will find my Bible Study “Surrendering the Secret” listed under “resources”

We have several events listed on our STS website that partner me with the beautiful actress, Shari Rigby, who plays a life changing role in the movie.

If you live in the area we would love to see you there!

March 11—-Little Rock, Arkansas

March 27-29—-LosAngelas, California

April 1—-Dallas, Tx

April 22—–Tulsa, Oklahoma

By the Way–If you would like to have me and Julianna speak at your church; adoption agency or pro-life ministry contact my Assistant at jkittredge@awpm.net or leave a comment below!

Every Life IS Beautiful!!

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  1. Not the first time I’ve heard the story… but true miracles never lose their power. Tell Jules I love her. Love you both. – Tim

    PS – cool video!

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