Eve, An UnStuck Woman with Unstuck Influence

Anyone who lives near me knows 2 things about my life over this past year–


#1) I have just finished writing a book that has taken me a LONG TIME to birth 🙂. My new book Life UnStuck-Peace with your Past; Purpose in your Present and Passion for your Future was officially turned in to my publisher on June 1 and releases with Baker Revell in March 2015. It has been a tough but exciting journey as I have LIVED and BREATHED each word I have written–literally practicing what I was preaching! I am now in the editing and cover design stage of the process. This is what we have so far–we would love to hear what you think?

Throughout my writing process, my friend and mentor, Lysa Terkeurst has reminded me that “whatever you are writing about is where the devil sets up a playground in your life”. I have discovered that to be so true. My friends and family have prayed me through this tender process while at the same time helping me navigate the flip side of my joy.

#2) As one door OPENED in my life another door has been CLOSED. A very precious part of my life has come to an end. It was not my choice nor what I wanted. In fact nothing about that process has been exciting or pretty. My heart was broken in such a way that I still wake up some mornings facing the battle of stomping on the enemy and taking authority over my heart and thoughts. I am stirred to remember who my Jesus is and how HE would have me respond in heartbreak. As I have for over 30 years, I have pressed in for God’s help by digging into HIS BESTSELLING BOOK–The Bible. I have spent some time looking at some of the stories of UNStuck Women in the Bible who help us develop our own character and strength.

I stared at the beginning of the book with our dear sister–Eve! As I reread her story in Genesis Chapters 1-3 I was reminded of 2 things that correspond to my own journey:

#1) God has deposited into every women, beginning with Eve, the dangerously delightful, particular power of INFLUENCE.

We women have the God given ability to influence those around us–and influence them we will! That influence will leave us and them, either STUCK or UnStuck! I have been reminded through Eve, regardless of my circumstances–good or bad, my hearts desire is to use the influence God has given me to honor HIM and to lead others to Him! I am so grateful to be reminded that in spite of Eve’s wrong choice that fateful day in the garden, God covered her. He told her about her redeemer. He gave her a fresh promise and He led her on her way.

#2) NO HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS have existed past these eternity changing moments, that have not inherited Adam and Eve’s nature. We all sin and fall short. The key is to FALL/Fail FORWARD!

As Eugenia Price shares in her book God Speaks to Women Today,

We can stop the altogether foolish, egotistical habit of being shocked when we do something that shows us to be less than the splendid creatures we think ourselves to be. We can stop the equally foolish habit of expecting more of those around us than we have the right to expect, knowing that they too are the moral and spiritual offspring of these very first humans!”


As I write this post, I am actually thinking of so many women in my life who are living on the edge of Stuck verses UnStuck. For example, a sweet friend, whose Pastor husband of 30 plus years decided to choose his NEW GIRLFRIEND at work, over his wife and 2 beautiful daughters. I am thinking of HER STRUGGLE and her STUCK Place, so much like my own over these last few months. STUCK in the failures of both my own heart and the hearts of others.

As we each deal with the life we are living today, both the joys and the heartbreaks, lets challenge one another to choose our influence wisely. Let’s choose Life UnStuck!

As usual, share a word or two in the comments and be entered in my monthly Free Gift Drawing--This month I am actually giving away 10 copies of The Best Yes! 

 Tell me what you think of my new book cover and I’ll enter your name TWICE! 



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  1. I LOVE the cover photo! It’s fun, feminine and definitely makes you “get” the idea of being stuck. Great work!

    Can’t wait to read this when it comes out. 🙂

    And I really hope I win a copy of The Best Yes.

    Thank you for mentioning what Lysa Terkeurst said about the devil’s playground being what you write about. While I’m not writing a book at the moment, I am working on a speech about my testimony and it seems like the devil is having a field day with the exact area I’m claiming victory over!

    1. Oh Tara–the word of your testimony gets the toughest hits! Revelation 12;11 clearly tells us why! You go girl! God’s got this!!!

  2. Oh, my! I love the cover! It made me say, “Eeeewwww!” and then laugh out loud remembering the many times I’ve been stuck… on sidewalk/parking lot gum and in my life! I will get this book and read it from cover to cover 🙂

  3. I love the new book, cover, & especially the Title! Anxious for its realease. The message will be so appropriate for so many women just walking by faith & maybe hanging on by a thread to reality. Attended my first Women of Faith conference in OKC this past weekend. Lysa spoke to my heart about the fact that my desires for my children & myself may not be the story God is writing in our lives. I have to trust Him & give Him control even when I think I know His plan. He is God & I am not.
    This post inspired me to remember to humble myself, stay in The Word & trust God.

    1. Sharron, thank you for the feedback. Trust and Control–2 life changing words! I am grateful for any INSPIRATION you can glen from my words!
      Much Love,

  4. I adore the cover….there is not a woman alive who cannot place herself right there in those pink, polka dotted shoes. I’ve been that stuck woman earlier in my life. Stuck in the approval trap. Stuck in anorexia. Stuck in the numbers game. Just stuck. I’m so thankful Jesus takes us just like we are.

  5. I like the cover! It’s playful and cheery. And I love the choice of shoes, too.

    So sorry to hear about your stuck places. Saying a prayer for you as to struggle to get unstuck. I think I’m in a process of “unsticking” right now. One of my stuck places is grappling with the pain of my past. I’m beginning to see the effects that’s having on my marriage and I’m taking steps to get unstuck in that area.

    1. Lisa–as tough as they are, I am so thankful for those times when God takes me a bit deeper and a draws me bit closer. Every “unsticking” frees us a little bit more and draws us us closer to His grace!
      In His grip with you!

  6. Love it. We ALL hate it when we step unknowingly into a glob of gum tossed to the ground. You can’t just shake it off! You have to intentionally (and sometimes painstakingly) remove it. Kind of like when we get stuck in life. . .

  7. Pat, I adore the cover. It reminds me of the times that I felt as though I was finally moving forward from a stuck place, only to find that with the next step I was still stuck. Yet, with each step in the right direction the situation would become less sticky. Looking back I have to wonder why I didn’t just reach down and grab the ole shoe and clean the sticky mess off (aka doing something about it.) Peggy

  8. Pat, I love the cover and the name. Mostly I love seeing your name on the cover, because I know it is a passion for you. Stuck….yeah. been there way too long. Unstuck is a my goal.
    I love you, P1!

  9. Your book can’t come at a better time for me. I have been feeling quite stuck for too long and it appears your book will be the inspiration and motivation I need to help change things.
    Looking forward to learning more from you and putting your wisdom in action along with the divine wisdom of Bible. I’m sure it will help me delve deeper into the areas I need to most.
    Thank you for sharing this and especially at this time!


  10. As someone who could easily get “stuck” in the place I am in right now, I am looking forward to seeing what God has laid on your heart to share in your book (cute cover!). One thing The Lord has been teaching me is that I will never get “through” a trial to the other side to see what God has prepared for me unless I keep moving forward through it. It is very tempting at times to collapse in despair and just give up- getting “stuck” right where I am. However, curled up in the fetal position will just keep us stuck in our misery – going nowhere. In order to get through the trial, we have to keep following Jesus through it so that we’ll make it to the other side to what He has prepared as He causes it all to work for our good and for His glory. Not an easy thing to do, but He promises it will be worth it! 🙂

  11. Thank you for such a timely word! The quote from Eugenia Price perfectly describes something that happened to me yesterday, which left me completely stuck! I was flabbergasted at the lack of grace someone was choosing not to extend to me over something I’d overlooked doing for her. I had overlooked it in the midst of a very stressful season for me and I just couldn’t understand why she wasn’t being more understanding! I was hurt and frustrated, and a little surprised at how upset it had made me. I know a lot of it had to do with my pride getting ruffled — me not looking like the “splendid creature I think myself to be.” It made me want to shut down and shut off from that person, which is exactly what the devil wanted me to do. Then I got your post! So this morning, I swallowed my pride, wrote an apology note and told her I realized I’d messed up and was sorry — without any excuses! So thanks for the reminder to not let pride keep me in a stuck place!

    Oh, and the cover is C-U-T-E! Love the gum idea, and the pink and the flowers totally make me think of you and your love of all things girly. One suggestion might be to try a different color on the boots or the gum, just to make one or the other stand out a little more since it’s such a strong visual message.

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

    Also, got my copy of “The Best Yes” yesterday! Can’t wait to dive in to it, too!

  12. This cover is fantastic. I would NOT change a thing! I am sitting here with a close friend who has had a month of very hard knocks. Three deaths, loss of a job and more. I will be presenting this book to her when it comes out.

  13. Cover- LOVE the image- pink rain boots evoke thoughts of the world freshly washed, new, alive! The “unstuck” image and theme both remind me of a step in Israeli folk dance called a “tcherkessiah” – which is a beautiful worship step. It is sometimes nicknamed “the chewing gum step” since “tcherk” and “chew” share a similar sound and the move itself, while so graceful rocking forward & back with lifted & lowered hands, is reminiscent of how your feet look when stretching off a piece of gum!

    Looking forward to reading your latest labors of love on this theme!

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