Yeah Today!


You are October 1.

You are the doorway to a new season, cooler breezes, changing colors, different clothes and fresh smells.

You have gifts for me. You have some new winding roads and covered bridges that lead towards people and places that matter to me; to my family; to the Kingdom of God and will make a difference in the world.

You have some fresh opportunity and some renewed hope. Some of last seasons’ mess will crunch under my feet and blow away with the wind.

You have promises of color and cool mornings.

Thank you Jesus, there is a TIME for Everything, every season under heaven.

This past Summer was HOT! Hot! Hot!! Mentally Spiritually and Physically.

I need this change of season Lord. I need this turn of colors. I need the fresh wind of your Spirit.

How about you friend? Are you looking forward for a “NEW SEASON”? What are you believing God for this Fall? What are you looking forward to or just smiling as it takes it proper place BEHIND you?

I have some NEW SEASON smiles over at my new WebBlog for Imagine Me…Set Free. A New Season is around the corner for us.

I’d love for you to take a few minutes to take a look and say hello over there 🙂

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