Don’t Run….Don’t Run….It’s Just A Bear!

There was a movie last Christmas called “Have You Heard About the Morgan’s?” It was one of those movies that, in my humble opinion, the best parts were in the previews.

I was reminded today of the part of the movie when Sarah Jessica Parker is coaching Hugh Grant through his encounter with a bear. (I practically know it by heart as IT was one of those previews) At first she is calm and gives HG softly directed instructions to stand still and the bear would “go away”, but when the critter lifts up to his full 10 foot height, throws head back in an earth shaking roar and attacks full on, she begins to scream…”RUN, RUN, RUN”.

That scene came to my mind today and I saw myself. I recognized a similar “flight instinct” in response to some challenges I am facing–some BEARS in my life. There are some things that I honestly don’t get. I feel like I have read the manual. I have followed the rules. I have done everything I think God has told me to do but I have heard a clear ROAR and my first instinct has been to run.

We do that.

We can read God’s Word and fully embrace and believe His promise of who He is and what He desires for us to do. We can have the sweetest encounter with Him and solidly grip His specific instructions or directions for our lives. It all seems nice as long as we are not growled at or at worst, attacked.

As long as it SEEMS like God is at work.

As long as it LOOKS like He is for us.

As long as things are going according to plan, to the manual, we are pretty brave.

However, when an attack comes, we are very tempted to be …….OUT OF HERE!!!!

We are in good company. The disciples did it. In John 13:37 Peter adamantly professes his “lay down my life” loyalty to Jesus.

Then, in John 18, the bear growled.

There was blood and anger and fighting. There were weapons and torches and sizzling lanterns. An ear was eaten.

I can imagine Peter’s thoughts…Sometimes, they are my thoughts…

What’s this about?

This in NOT the plan.

This is NOT how this is supposed to go.

This is NOT how it is supposed to feel.

This is NOT what I understood the directions to say.

I think I need to RUN. I think I should RUN. I think I WILL RUN.

Later we discover, what seemed so wrong, what looked so bad, what was not very neat or comfortable or fun, was EXACTLY God’s plan.

I understand Peter. I almost always want to RUN when thing get messy. I want to run when things don’t go the way I think they should when God TELLS me to do something, leads me down a certain path, directs me into a new assignment and things seem to fall apart.

But, thanks to Peter, I think I’ll hang on for breakfast (John 21:12).

After all, it’s just a bear.

How about you? Do you feel like running today? What keeps you brave?

My “Bear Spray for the Day”–Phillipians 1:6

I am sure of this…He who started a good work in me, will carry it on to completion in Christ Jesus.

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  1. I agree about the movie. Luckily I rented it from Redbox and it was worth the $1…

    I’m in a place right now that I just absolutely don’t want to be in. Every which way I look at it; every scenario I can come up with – it’s just not what I would think it should be. I find myself asking frequently “Why?” “Why do I have to go through this again?” The even worse question is “Do I really have to sacrifice my marriage to follow You? How is this Your plan?” Then I go through the why’s all over again.

    God has give me a manual to follow though. He tells me to not be afraid or discouraged for He is with me. He will never leave me nor forsake me. He tells me that He knows the plans He has for me and they are good plans. He has started a good work in me and will carry it on to completion in Jesus Christ.

    When I was in India last year, my roommate, who has very special spiritual gifts, told me to claim Psalm 27. I read it and said something to the effect of – you know what I really get out of that passage — Wait. I don’t want to wait. What am I waiting on? Why is wait a 4 letter word?

    I must’ve given Him a chuckle that day because He knew what was in store for me. Wait on Him for the direction and path He means for me and my family to go. Cling on to Him like I have never clung before. Make sure He receives the glory for bringing me this far in Him.

    So, the long way to answer your question is YES, I feel like running. At times I feel like the cost to follow Him is just too much. But then, my 17 yo daughter tells me how great she thinks I am and how much she looks up to me. She confides in me that she isn’t sure how to have a close relationship with Jesus and would I help her? I hear my other daughter call me Mommy, even though she’s 15. I receive an email or phone call from a friend just checking to see if I’m ok or to let me know she has prayed for me and my husband. And I am reminded that He hung on a cross to take away my sin and there is no greater price to pay than that. I could never repay it, no matter how hard I tried. He keeps me brave when I keep my eyes and heart on Him and surrender to Him. He tells me He’ll answer the why – I just have to …. wait.

  2. Hi Patricia,

    My hubby & I watched “Did You Hear About the Morgans” and laughed. I guess we weren’t expecting much and somehow we found ourselves entertained.

    Anyway, I confess that the desire to RUN is the one I fight the most. What prevents me from running from the bears in my life is God’s sweet, gentle whisper. He equips me and instead of heading for the hills, I run into His arms.

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