Don’t Miss a Kiss

Could this be YOUR child??

I love Mother’s Day.

My honey has never missed spoiling me on Mother’s Day. I know, it’s supposed to be the KID’S who spoil the Mom but my honey has always added the icing on the cake of my Mother’s Day blessings. He just “gets it”. He had a Mom he dearly loved and he has always honored and blessed me as a Mom.

In fact, I was Mom when we met. A VERY YOUNG Mom.

I started the priceless journey of motherhood when I was just a girl myself giving birth to my first son just weeks after my 18th birthday. WOW..little did I know what an amazing journey motherhood would be.

Every Mama knows that being called “MOM” is the most bitter-sweet name we will ever have in life. Filled with times of such joy and blessing that your heart explodes and lights up like a fourth of July firecracker–contrasted by moments that hurt so much they look more like the ashes LEFT BEHIND on the 5TH of July morning.

Today, as I sit in my Prayer Chair and reflect on being a Mom, I started to think about what I might have done differently–there are MANY things! I thought about what advice, if any, I might give my Daughter-in-Laws (who are both AMAZING MOM”s, way better than I feel I ever was) or the young women I have the honor of mentoring. I wondered what I might share with my sweet daughter who is NOT YET a Mom herself, when her time comes.

There are so many things one might say about spending quality time; being consistent with discipline; understanding your children’s different temperaments and adjusting your parenting style to fit each child individually; being committed to your husband; teaching them to capture God’s Word in their hearts; READING to your children……

The truth is, we are not ever going to be PERFECT MOM’s.

We are sinners saved by grace.

We are NOTHING without Jesus and HE ALONE will get us through parenting without ruining our children. He alone will be our ONLY hope of enjoying any lasting success as Mom’s.

So, my morning conclusion as the KEY to Motherhood….Don’t miss the moments that make it all count. Don’t miss the spontaneous “I Love You Mom” moments–they are priceless.

Most of all—

Don’t MISS A KISS!! 🙂

My Most Precious Mother’s Day Gifts!–Tim, Andy and Julianna. Come on over here and let me KISS YOU!!

Happy Mother’s MOM–You are THE BEST! I’m waiting to kiss you too 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day friends.

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