Do you want to write the next bestseller?

FIRST THINGS FIRST….Don’t you LOVE my new Web/Blog designs!!!

My brilliant first born son Tim Layton at Tim Layton Designs created them for me. I wonder WHERE-Oh-WHERE he got ALL THAT TALENT ๐Ÿ™‚

It is so beautiful, it just makes me want to WRITE!!

I have always loved to read. For as long as I can remember I have had a stack of books somewhere waiting to be read and I still do.

I even remember LEARNING to read for the first time and I am kind-of, sort-of……..O.L.D.!!!!!

I remember reading billboards as a small child while driving in the car with my parents and 3 little sisters. I am happy to say that my reading skills and standards have increased, which is good since billboards have hit the mud.

As much as I always loved to read I never considered WRITING much until I dumped my messed up self into the sweet redeeming arms of Jesus. (If you are just hankering to know more about that, you can follow my beautiful new blog under the cute little daisy chain link labeled “About “). I am forever grateful for the DEEP, DEEP love for READING His Written WORD that God planted in my heart the day of my salvation. It is that very love that drives my life daily. The thing is, I know without a doubt that it was God who also planted a passion into my heart for WRITING right next to my passion for READING, immediately after my dramatic step into the surrendered life.

I have a “Memories” box pushed up under my bed that is filled with 25 years worth of my heart on paper. It started with songs and poems expressing the wonder of my salvation. Even though I can NOT sing a note, I have some really cool songs that somebody someday will sing, I just know it. Even if it is me and a choir of angels. I eventually moved from a variety of rambling prose to recording daily prayer journals. Diaries of sorts of my everyday life as a wife, mom and often dilapidated disciple. Nothing anyone would want to read but maybe my family and possibly a nosey housekeeper.

I recently created a new home office and spent some time cleaning out LOTS of boxes and files. I was amazed and often covered in tears, as I read the writings that have recorded so many precious years. WOW, the journey. The miracles. My story of ministry. The sometimes too transparent revelation of my heartaches and my hallelujahs. I continue to be amazed by God and His precious and personal love for me. A wretch saved by His amazing Grace.

Writing is such a gift. Writing illustrates, illuminates and orchestrates some of life’s most precious surprises. Writing unifies and divides. Writing clarifies, creates and convicts. Writing designs life’s greatest dreams and stirs passion into vision. Writing teaches and trumpets and terrorizes. Writing builds hope and breaks bondage. Writing lights, leads, laughs and laments. Writing creates and colors and ignites emotion. I can not imagine life without it. I am passionately grateful for it.

God in His amazing unexpected ways has allowed me to actually publish a few things and now has me working on several new projects. I am so grateful and very serious about becoming a better writer.

A really PRETTY Blog should help but there are other things that I do to work at becoming a better writer.

One of them is COMING SOON and FILLS UP FAST so while I am WRITING about WRITING let me tell you about it.

“She Speaks” is a conference sponsored by my friend Lysa Terkeurst and the team of WOW women at Proverbs 31 Ministries.

I have attended “She Speaks” for the past 2 years and cannot overstate just how awesome this Speaking and Writing Conference is. If you are a woman who feels that God has called you to Speak and/or Write His message, this is a conference that you truly should consider. The P31 team put heart, soul and major physical energy into every minute of this event. The workshops are power packed with practical takeaway and the keynotes are literally life changing. In fact, Jennifer Rothschild‘s keynote last year STILL rings in my heart and head. It truly changed how I look at ministry and was one of the most amazing and passionate messages I have ever heard in my life!

I am working on my plans to be at “She Speaks” again this year and hope that I will see you there!

In the meantime, I am PUMPED to do some writing. I thought I might start by throwing out a few chapters of a Fiction that I have been working on for a few years called “The Other Side of Sunset”. Just for a little writing FUN!!

Check back…..I’m on a roll!!!

I am curious though….

How many BLOG readers do I have who feel God has called you to Write or Speak as a ministry?

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  1. Pat,

    First of all, LOVE the new design. I loved the old design too, but the NEW design…to die for!!!

    This was such an encouraging and affirming post. While I know writing is a “gift” I sometimes forget how powerful it can be to change the lives of others. Especially when I struggle so much to find the time to write consistently. I do write consistently, but I always feel like I’m having to put something else aside to do so.

    And I still can’t believe you were at She Speaks and I didn’t get to meet you. I will not be there this year, since I just went to Jerry B. Jenkins Writing for the Soul conference in Denver. But I agree with you, Jennifer Rothschild’s message sent me straight to my hotel room to worship God. It was so incredibly moving.

    Looking forward to hearing about more on this subject.

  2. Sandy,
    I KNOW, I hated that we didn’t meet last summer. Someday for certain. Did you enjoy the JBJ conference? I do think adding a variety is a good thing. Each conference offers a different gifting.. plus Denver is beautiful!
    Stay the course sister and Stay in touch!!

  3. Well I don’t know where He is calling me at the moment however, I am an AVID reader and journal like a mad woman!! Always dreamed of writing a book but never thought I was good enough. Who knows, maybe it’s somewhere in my future!

    I LOVE the new look! It is INSPIRING!!

    It was so good to run into you the other day!

    Much love-


  4. I have had a desire to write, as well as been an avid reader, since I was first able to recite the alphabet.

  5. Dearest Pat,
    Love, love the new design (all of T’s designs are so good)

    I loved your blog and was pulled back in time remembering your songs written when I children were small…remember the weekend at your house while we waited to see if the storm sitting out in the Gulf was indeed going to cause damaging flooding? The dogs together…you and Traci going over your songs?

    God has given you life and freedom and in that has gifted you uniquely to reach others for your leading, your speaking and your writing! How blessed I am to be your “sister” and to benefit from the insights and wisdom the Lord pours through you. I’m looking forward to your next writing..whatever God asks of you.

    At this tender age I too am reviewing all the writing I have done..just for me and for the Lord and find that He has me intentionally putting aside time to write. The Heartstring’s blog and snippets to those I lead and teach is where He has directed me. My desire? Only to glorify him.

    Keep wrting my dear one……your words transport this heart to the places God wants me to go!
    Love you,Judy

  6. Oh my ladies, how sweet it is to wake up with God’s Words on my mind and your words on my Beautiful NEW (LOL) Blog….
    First off Jennifer and Cynthia, I truly believe that God PLACES HIS desires in our hearts. If you have a passion for writing, HE ALONE has planted it!!! Keep reading and writing just for him, He will show you how, when and where He wants it to be used.
    My deep love for you. I ma grateful for your visit.

    Sister Judy,
    I would love to ACTUALLY sit with you once in a while lady! And YES…I had forgotten our hurricane weekend. I had forgotten sharing those songs that have now become dusty with precious Tracey. That voice!! I too am blessed and honored to be “Sisters” through brothers. You have always spurred me on, I am thankful that it is mutual. keep writing and leading. Your ministry touches and changes lives!!!
    I love you!

  7. Sweet Pat–

    I don’t know that God is calling me to write the next best seller, but He did convict me over a year ago that He granted me the gift of writing and speaking, and that gift was to be used for Him alone. We’ve got GloryQuest #7 this weekend, and Kim and I will be at it again, speaking, leading and seeking God’s glory to be revealed in the lives and hearts of women He places in our paths. What a joy and honor!

    It’s so good to get to see your smile and “hear” your voice on FB and in your blog!

    Blessings to you, all praise and glory to Him!

    Rebecca Emerson

  8. Love, love, love the new look sister chick. Your son did an amazing job! And I love you and your sweet heart bent towards helping others. Thanks for helping spread the word about She Speaks this year. It is such a passion of mine to better equip people to live their calling!

    I love you sweet friend!


  9. LOVE your new look and logo!! And I love this post. You are so right about the power of writing. I had forgotten that I used to write poetry in Jr High and High School. I loved writing and it was so good for my soul, but like so many others I never thought my words were worthy of reading. God is amazing the ways He redeems our “not good enoughs” for His glory. Thank you for our long, lingering conversation on Saturday. It was so good for my heart and soul. And thanks for telling your readers about She Speaks. I hope I get to see you there!

  10. Awww…some more of my favorite girls have come to visit while I was away today. What a blessing to have you. It was fun to come home from a LONG–HOT (believe it or not) day to your sweet notes!
    Love ya,

  11. Holy rockin’ web design, Batman! ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks MARVELOUS!!!

    You know where I’ve been called. God’s fleshing it out in a way I never would’ve dreamed up on my own, so He only knows where it will take me! As long as I’ve got a good grip on the hem of His garment, I know I’ll always be in the right place.

    I love you. And MISS you. A LOT.

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