Do You Need a Spiritual Mentor?

I just read a post by a dear friend of mine, Ann White at In Grace Ministries, about spiritual mentoring. It made me curious.


I would love to hear from my reader friends–

Do you, or have you EVER, had a Spiritual Mentor?

Do you need one now? If so, what is your primary desire of this type of mentor?

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Can’s wait to hear some thoughts on this!

Happy Friday!! (ps..I have G BABIES IN MY HOME ALL WEEK!!! YAH!!!)

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  1. I have looked for a spirtual mentor for years and have not been able to find one. Ladies who had a depth and intense spiritual walk with the Lord always said they did not feel a calling to be a mentor. How would you recommend I find a spiritual mentor?

  2. I did not respond to your second question. I am looking for a spiritual mentor who will show me how to study the Bible in depth, someone who will share spiritual truths they have learned or are learning, and someone who is intentional with their walk with God. That would be a good start.

    1. Thank you for your honest feedback Natalie. I am praying this response through right now as I receive feedback from you all.. I have come to believe this is such a great need. I am often asked to mentor and find myself struggling with more than I can handle.
      I would love to hear how you have tried to go about this before? Have you asked anyone directly? Does your church provide a support system for this?
      Thanks for sharing, I’ll respond again!

  3. I had a spiritual mentor in the state where I previously lived. She was a wonderful believer and continued to mentor me after my move via phone. She now has dementia and is not longer able to give me spiritual support. I have been searching for a local spiritual mentor for several years, but the women to whom the Spirit has sent me seem to already have too much to do. I am 60 but would still love an older woman to go to whenever I have questions or a challenge.

    1. Thank you Dana–I get the desire to continue, regardless of age, with someone who challenges your spiritual growth and is always a few steps ahead! Have you stepped into the Mentor role yourself?

  4. I’ve always wanted a spiritual mentor. Someone to guide me through scripture at times, when I have the BIG questions. I like to have someone come along side of me to keep me accountable in moving forward in ministry.
    In the last year, God did being a younger woman to me that I’ve been mentoring and its pure joy watching her growing in Christ!

    1. Tammy–I LOVE that you have reached out to someone younger–she is one luck lady!!
      Thank you for sharing in this conversation. I think this is a great area of need,

  5. Great question, Pat. I currently do not have a spiritual mentor. I had one a couple of years ago, but she moved away. I would love another spiritual mentor. I think mentoring is such a wonderful opportunity for love, friendship, accountability, and growth. On the flip side, I mentor a couple of college age young women. I will begin meeting with a 13 year old cutie next week, whose parents are concerned about her friends and manner of dress. Praying I can speak into her life.

    1. Thank you Leah–I definitely think the more mature we are in Christ, finding mentors is tougher yet so precious.
      While we wait–it truly is an honor to be able to pour into younger women isn’t it?!!
      What a blessing to her Leah! 13 Oh my!! She has some cool things coming her way in Jesus!!
      Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am blessed to have a wonderful spiritual mentor, and to be able to mentor several young women! Our church encourages us to have strong spiritual mentors, even as couples, which we are currently working on finding! I believe it’s important for us to encourage one another along the way and what better way to do that than mentoring!!

    1. YEAH Elizabeth–a YES! I love it that your church is actively seeking to encourage these relationships. The need is very obvious!!
      Thank you!

    1. I meant yes, I would love to have a spiritual mentor. I have prayed about this over the last few years. I am a life long learner and yearn for wisdom.

  7. I have always needed a spiritual mentor. Growing up, I had that in my dad for the most part. I always longed for a female mentor…i.e. “my mother,” but was not able to get that from her. After my dad’s suicide several years ago, I felt very lost and abandoned, and in DESPERATE need of a spiritual mentor for guidance. As I sit here today, I can look back and see all the different women that God has brought into my life for that very reason. They all mentored me in different ways, and on different levels. What I thought was void, was actually filled by Christ and for Christ. I still need mentoring, and have several lovely ladies who are offering that to me now (from CBS and STS!). But, I also feel the need to BE a mentor, and I love sharing with women the impact that Jesus has made on my life and the difference He can make in theirs. Though I am young, I have a strong heart for women’s ministry and for offering encouragement to those around me. I am by no means perfect, and may not be the mentor for everyone, but would love to offer glimpses of what I have learned and what I am learning to anyone who needs it.

  8. Yes I would love to have a spiritual mentor! I use to think everyone needed their own personal counselor. That was before I gave my life to Christ and realized I already had one! He is the best but would love to have one another!

  9. No I do not have a spiritual mentor. I’d like to have one that could teach me things that they know that I know, things that work and don’t work when studying the Word.

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