Do you consider yourself to be “CHOSEN” by God?

You know those days in your memories that when you recall them you can actually FEEL them; smell them; hear them—memories that are so vivid it as if you are there agin every time.

The day I met my husband is one of those days in my memories. He know he “had me at hello” as they say.

The descriptive words “tall dark handsome” cant even come close. He had an adorable dimple in his chin, huge blue eyes and a killer smile. I remember his first “hello” even today 40+ years later his smile still says it all!

 you are a beautiful woman…

you are special…

you are an overcomer….

You are my choice for ever!

You are CHOSEN!

The bible shares powerful stories of another man who had me at “hello”

Join me on this weeks podcast to hear more about Him and the message he has for you TODAY!!

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