Resolution Do-Overs

Honey and I had the sweetest New Years Day sitting on the beach at Longboat Key.

We took some time yesterday, on the drive there and back and a bit of sitting and soaking up the moments, to consider a New Year. We spent some time reflecting on the beauty of God’s creativity. As the crystal clear Gulf waters rolled softly up and back, we chatted about the “ups and backs” of the past year.

Things that worked and things that, not so much.

You probably did a bit of that as well.

My mind went several times yesterday to a few friends of mine who spent some of the final days of 2011, the “Holidays”, releasing dearly loved family members to spend 2012 and beyond, in their heavenly homes and leaving my friends behind to finish the race God has planned for them.

My heart ached as I knew that although these friends know Jesus and the promise of eternal life He offers, they are left behind to enter a new year here on earth, without someone who walks their day to day.

My mind went to a few loved ones who I know watched the clock say 12:01 am and prayed–

“Lord, let this year be better. Help me step away from the sin of last year; the losses; the loneliness; the dead-ends”.

As we drove away from our day on the beach, the sun was dropping into the sky ahead of us. There is no sunset like a sunset on the Gulf coast. It was breathtaking. Humbling. Awakening. Perspective Performing.

I have made a 2012 New Years Resolutions list. I’ll share it over the next few days. It is not my normal list. In fact, it is the opposite.

Today, I just want to reach out to anyone who is reading who is facing the New Year like my friends, not so sure what to expect. Maybe feeling more lonely and lost than celebrating.

Is it you?

Do you feel that last year has closed in failure? disappointment? a long list of nothing?

If so, please be encouraged with God’s Word today.

He is a God of Do-Overs.

He has paid the price for our sin and failure. His life is ALWAYS filled with promise and hope of new days.

He was BORN so that we could start over.

He knows your deepest loss; your greatest failure: your biggest blunders.

His love is new every morning of every day of every year.

Romans 10:8 says “The Word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart; that is the Word of Faith we are proclaiming.

Claim God’s Word today for your NEW Year–2012.

Find the truth you need and hook up with it. Hang on to it and EXPECT God to do NEW THINGS in YOU; FOR you and THROUGH you this year.

He is all the ONLY Resolution we need.


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  1. Happy New Year, Pat! Thank you for taking time posting the truth I (and all women) need to hear. I love it – “He is the ONLY Resolution we need”! Let’s hold on to His promises and His unfailing love… Wish you and your family renewed unity and strength in 2012. Isaiah 40:31 is my prayer for you. With much love

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