Divine Appointments

Greetings favored woman of God! The Lord is with you!!    Luke 1:28    NLT

Wow. Now THERE is a divine appointment.

What precious words. Priceless. Timeless. Life Changing.

Can you just imagine Mary’s first response to those words? As a woman we sometimes yearn for words of blessing and affirmation to fall upon our ears.

We long for love.

We serve for strokes.

We perform for praise.

We all need to hear words of encouragement. We need to hear words that remind us that we matter to someone.

I feel certain young Mary’s attention was first captured by the kind words of her angelic visitor, THROUGH HER HEART, rather than her ears. She was possibly torn between running towards him to soak up the sweetness of his greeting and running for her life from a big, tall man with a sword! Don’t you think?

My desire is to greet you today with words that tell you that you matter to me. I pray that you will receive my words of greeting as very personal and sincere because they are.

You are reading my blog right now. We are experiencing a divine appointment right now. Of course, I will never know you visited if you don’t TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS! hint, hint 🙂

My guess is that we have met somewhere-sometime. We may share a “virtual” friendship via Blog/Facebook or Twitter but honestly, I am one of those people who really treasures those relationships. While keeping in perspective the true life level they dwell in, I have had many a day when a sweet word of encouragement came to me from someone I only know through one of these avenues. However, I think if we are not a related by blood or marriage (I love you guys!) most of us have met face to face in a workshop, a church, a conference, or a retreat.

This year has taken me to  (in no particular order)




W Virginia

New Mexico




North Carolina





New York and of course, Florida

Regardless of how our paths have crossed in life, I truly believe they have crossed somewhere that God Himself placed or allowed.

Divine appointments.

My calendar for next year is filling up quickly and I am excited! I want to see you again!

PLEASE watch my website for updates on dates and times. I would be so honored to have you join me at one of them.

A few places I can tell you right now as you begin to fill in your own calendar:

I will be attending a few Lifeway “You Lead” events next year. These are leadership training events that are connected to Living Proof Live with Beth Moore (you’ve heard of her right? J). The You Leads are held on Thursday and Friday BEFORE Beth. We are the warm up act!

I have 4 “Imagine Me..Set Free Conferences” booked this year and have a few spots left in the Fall for one or two more. Let me know if you are interested in bringing a Freedom Weekend to your church!

And, speaking of DIVINE APPOINTMENTS! We are thrilled to announce a PRECIOUS addition to our STS leadership team this year. She will be joining me for some adventures around the nation as a Spokesperson and Ambassador, her name is Shari Rigby.

Shari plays the role of the Birthmother in a POWERFUL new movie that will be in theaters in March called “October Baby”. We have been asked by the producers of the film to be a part of a resource team for those who are looking for healing and hope after seeing the movie. At their request, we are setting up a 10 city tour of Surrendering the Secret Training events; Couples Retreats and STS Freedom Weekends that will follow the movie release. Watch our brand new website over the coming weeks for details.

I am looking forward to lots of DIVINE APPOINTMENTS in 2012.

I am certain some will be good and some not so good 🙂 but one thing I know–The greatest gift of my life—BY FAR (next to my own family) is the blessing God has given me of meeting and loving on so many Surrendered Sisters in Christ. Honestly, thinking about you makes me teary.

I hope so much to see you face to face in 2012. I would be honored to have your support in some of what God has us doing. Let me know if you can be anywhere, anytime!

For now, I just wanted to wish you a TENDER Christmas, filled with divine moments and words of encouragment!

I wish you peace.

I wish you unexpected words of affirmation and love.

I wish you hope and dreams for 2012.

I wish you faith.

I wish you friends.

My love to you my Surrendered Sister and FAVORED WOMAN of GOD!

By the Way—I am offering a FREE GIFT of a Step by Step Guide for a “40 Day Journey: Enjoying the Presence of Jesus” if you send me your email address. Please let me know if you want one!

If you have already signed up, I didn’t forget you. I tried to send it earlier this week and it disappeared from my Docs file so I have to redo it! It’s my Christmas promise!!


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  1. Dolly Caswell December 22, 2011 at 12:47 pm [edit]
    Thanks Pat, I so enjoyed meeting and learning from you while you were in Alaska. God is sooo good to us, I have new, much loved friends as a result of that time as well. Thinking about His great, marvelous, never-ending “loving-kindness” (I just LOVE that word!) gets me through lots of the junk that life throws at me. Often I stand back and realize that it’s ME throwing the junk at ME!!

  2. Merry Christmas my dear Sisters! I hope to see you also in 2012!
    And yes – I would love to have your free gift!

  3. Hi Pat, Thank you for yor wonderful Christmas greeting. It is so exciting to hear how God is moving. I will be sending to you a letter from a recent RTS graduate. Praise the Lord! It is so awesome to see “the lights come back on” as these ladies go through this healing journey. Love and blessings to you all. And who wouldn’t want a free gift! 🙂

  4. I hope one of the divine appointments in the not too distant future is a face to face meeting for the two of us. I’d sure love to hug your neck and see you IRL. Merry Christmas!

  5. Hey Pat,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. We met at the STS leader training in Tampa a few weeks ago. I hope you have found an assistant. Thank you for reminding me sometimes I miss Divine Appts. because I get too caught up in my activity or agenda. Please pray for our Pregnancy Resource Center here in Panama City, the board has asked the director to step down.
    In His Service, Your Sister

  6. Lisa, our time in Grand Rapids was one of the most precious times of my year. God just flat blew our socks off didn’t He? I loved it!

    Leah…Please Lord, let it be!!!

    Marci, oh my. The enemy does work overtime to take down our little PRC’s doesn’t he? We will add Panama City to our STS prayer list and please let us know if we can help in any way.

    Blessings ladies…Sweet Celebration!

  7. Hi precious sister! I don’t know if it’s too late or not, but I would LOVE to recieve one of your 40 day journals you mentioned!
    May you be abundantly BLESSED in 2012, as you have blessed so many!
    In Him,

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