Designed to Desire

Sometimes I miss my quiet times.

Even smack in the middle of a 40 day Journey with Jesus, sometimes I miss sitting still in my Prayer Chair.

I miss stopping everything for a few quiet moments of just Him and Me.  No distractions other than my journal; a devotional book or Bible Study; my coffee or hot tea and maybe some worship music but usually just a ticking clock.

Quiet time.

We were designed to desire it.

Still, sometimes I miss a whole day when I sit quietly with my Bible and allow God’s Word to work it’s way into my day.

I miss taking time to allow Him to heal me from yesterday’s bruises.

I miss taking time to allow Him to fill in my heart holes left from selfish desires, stinking thinking, dead-end trails.

When I do that, when I let busyness; poor planning; oversleeping; the demands of life–STEAL my quite time, my day is never complete.

Something is missing IN me and OUT of me.

Something I am absolutely aware of.

It’s no accident ya know.

We were designed that way.

It’s nothing God takes FROM me–He is filled with GRACE and LOVE and always AVAILABLE.

No, it’s something I STEAL from myself.

A chance to be held; to be restored; to be heard; to be led; to be directed; to be encouraged; to be taught; to be equipped.

We were DESIGNED to DESIRE God’s personal attention. He created us to crave Him.

It’s a gift.

I didn’t miss it today. How about you? There is still time 🙂

I have set aside some QUIET time this week to put the finishing touches on my “40 day Journey with Jesus Guide”.

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  1. When I miss my time with Jesus, I’m so much less than He desires for me to be. I love my time with Him, especially when I’ve got a good Bible study to focus me. Merry Christmas, Pat.

  2. good morning, Pat.
    did you write the 40 day study? just wondering since you said you were putting the “finishing touches on it”
    Hope you have a good day. I’m headed to my spot for my “God & I” time. that’s what we called it at church camp years ago!

  3. AS always, I am touched by everything you have shared in your heart. Your authenticity is so priceless to my very own heart…thank you Pat for always being a light of Christ to those around you!! I would love a copy of whatever you have spoke about in your last couple of blogs!! Thanks, pat and Merry Christmas, Denise

  4. I love you back Denise!!
    I am working on the 40 day Journey. Maybe it will be a Christmas gift ladies!!
    So sorry, normal busy with a few emergency room runs.
    All is well,

  5. :hugs: Merry Christmas Pat! I’m excited about your project! There is a need (in my opinion) for shorter devotionals than the 90 days or 365 day ones! I don’t know if I can commit to a whole year of something :0).

    I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas. I have no doubt He will be glorified and loved by each of you and in return He will return His love to each of you!

  6. Merry Christmas Pat.
    Such a pleasure to visit your blog once again and be blessed with His presence. Hearing your dear words have touched my heart and have rekindled desire for the freedom and love that only comes from Him. Blessings to you Pat.

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