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Day 9–Let’s REACH for MORE Unstuck FAITH in 2019

Day 9 – Unstuck Faith

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea. Psalm 139:9

Unstuck Truth 9: Grief looks down, fear looks around, faith looks up!


Read pages 98-106 of your Life Unstuck book!

I LOVE this verse!

I love how it creates a literal picture in my mind’s eye of the beauty of dawn–I mean really “rise on the wings of the dawn”! “Settle on the far side of the sea”!

Any writer would dream of creating such an enchanting word picture.

How about you? Right here? Today?

Is this a GOOD word picture for you to think about how intimate God is in your life? How close he dwells? How He IS wherever YOU ARE?!

What are you discontent within your life right now? Be honest. Are there areas which seem out of control, like a sickness in your family or wayward child? Are there areas you ache for control, like your weight or finances?

Write down EVERY area of your life where you struggle with discontent…God wants you to SURRENDER and receive His love and His protection.

What areas are you struggling to be considered, noticed, etc?

Just like all 8 days before, write them all out – the good, the bad, the ugly, the fearful.

What are your fears?

In your life, what are the areas where you feel as though you “have to do it yourself,” or “if anyone knew about this, I would be shunned?” Is it an addiction or compulsive behavior? Is it an emotional affair or a past abortion? Is it the abuse you hide so well or negative thinking you cannot stop?

Again, I want you to write them out…each and every painful and scary word.

Once that is completed I want you to change your discontented statements into thankful statements – each and every one of them.

For instance, instead of “I wish my husband would get a raise,” change it into, “I am so thankful my husband has a job which helps supply our every need and even some of our wants.” When you are done, look at all of your thankful statements, then jot down these words next to each one: “I have all I need in Christ”

Take your time.

Then I want you to choose one or two of those areas and SHARE them with a trusted Godly girlfriend or sister.

You CAN do this…one step at a time, in a community of faith.

Enjoy the attachment below to help stand against your unbelief!


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