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Day 8–Unstuck Memories Set Us Free!

Welcome to Day 8 – If you came back today KNOWING that we were going to look back to get ahead–I am so proud of you! You are TRULY SERIOUS about walking in complete freedom in 2019! So–I have some GREAT NEWS! God sees you!

If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. Psalm 139:8

Unstuck Truth 8: When we turn to God with the pain of our past, we are met by the God who has plans for our future.

Freedom is NOT: Running AWAY; it is not PERFECTION; it is not Freedom from any TROUBLES. In Fact, Jesus says IN THIS LIFE YOU WILL HAVE TROUBLE (physical, emotional, spiritual).

Freedom is NOT, a one-time experience!

We have to take hold of it—we have to get Unstuck— over and over!

The good news is that it is easier as we learn.

It’s time for you to think about YOUR STORY!

Let’s look deeper into the value of making peace with the past through Psalm 139:8.

First of all, look back at your UnStuck Assessment and evaluate any STUCK areas you feel might be related to past pain, loss, heartaches, disappointments, shattered dreams, etc.

Are you willing to take a look behind you to see how God wants to use your past to influence your future?

Take some time to reflect and remember your own life story. Jot some thoughts in your journal about where you have come from and where you might be going.

Let’s start with a few ideas to get you started:

  • »  Where were you born?
  • »  Talk about your childhood, family, and memories both good and bad.
  • »  What were some of your favorite childhood memories?
  • »  Some of the tougher childhood memories?
  • »  Did you have childhood dreams for your life?
  • »  We talked in Chapter 2 about your personality type, how did it fit in with your family garden?
  • »  Were you accepted or embraced for who you were?
  • »  Were you a good “fit” with your family or did you often feel like the odd girl out?


Write your story and leave nothing out. Allow the Holy Spirit to remind you of your painful past and hurtful experiences that you may have forgotten or chosen to forget. Remember God loves you and WANTS to heal you…so let Him lead you on this part of your journey.

Embrace your pain and experience the love of the God who Sees YOU!

Find some time this week to share what you have written with your prayer partner, a Pastor or a Mentor.

Also, if you are willing and ready, share a bit in the comments below I promise to read it!! Your story could be the very thing to help an Unknown friend over the hurdle of her imperfect past.

The good news is I have a wonderful tool for you to use for this process.

Download my Freedom Flower with instructions to help you in writing your story. 

Brave on friend! It’s for YOUR FREEDOM and will change your year.

(S)He who The SON sets free is free indeed!


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