Day 6/30 Days to an Unstuck Christmas: Unstuck PRAISE!

Whoot! Whoot!! Can I get a happy holla??


I love this little 30 Day community and have loved seeing you say hello on Facebook. I am having a blast so far and hope you are too.

So, what’s on your Tuesday agenda?

Whatever it is, I can guarantee–THIS IS WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE FOR YOU! He created you. He has you in His grip and on His mind. You are not alone or forsaken. You are not too old (talking to myself here) too young, too skinny or too fat (me again!). You are not too far gone or too far out. You have not messed up, missed or mangled anything too badly for Him to restore, repair and renew.

Most important–be blessed today and REST in His perfect love,

“The Lord has done this for me,” she said. Luke 1:25 (NIV)

Honestly, this season of the year is such a gift. I realize as you read this (I am SEEING some of your faces in my head right now and smiling) that every Christmas is not the best. Sometimes the tough stuff of life messes up the “Merry.” How about you?

You may have woken up this morning with a critically ill family member, marriages in crisis (maybe even your own) and just plain heartbreak stains on your pillow. If not your own, simply turning on the news will do it.

So friend. Let’s make a choice to OWN THIS DAY. Let’s make a choice to rejoice! No matter what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears, let’s echo the words of Elizabeth and make today about PRAISE! Let’s declare together “what the Lord has done” for US!

Let’s keep Thanksgiving UNSTUCK all the way to Christmas and beyond by filling our hearts, minds and mouths with a continuous list of God’s love and goodness. Start by looking outside at the beauty of the world around us – a gift to be sure!

A simple sunset.
A glittering lake.
A huge puffy white cloud.
Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
A hot bath. A cool drink of water.

Speak those blessings out loud and SAY “This is what the Lord has done for me!” I would love to pray specifically for your need today. Please share with me on Facebook! It’s private, just for this UNSTUCK team!

Prayer: Father, you have done good things for me. I am thankful. Help me act like it. Amen

Hey–Let’s give something away today on Facebook Live shall we?!!

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  1. This is not a typical season for me. I was in a serious auto accident on Oct. 5th, & spent the rest of the month in the hospital. Then home with rehab therapy for month of Nov. Now, still on a walker & hobbling around the house. So, no tree this year … can’t drive yet, so no getting out to shop … minimal indoor decorating … housecleaning nil. All the normal mind & time consuming urgencies are impossible right now.
    So, I am rewinding my “must do, need to do” mental gymnastics, and trying hard to refocus my attentions & intentions on how to still enjoy this season & make it as meaningful as ever.
    Thanks for your encouraging posts.

    1. Oh Iris, I’m sorry but happy you are healing!!! God surely has a plan for this season, right!! I know for a fact, you have some family near by with the gift of hospitality!!!
      Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog. You encourage me!

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