Day 6–The WONDER of Life!

Day 6 – Unstuck Wonder

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. Psalm 139:6

Unstuck Truth #6: God delights in amazing you with His love.

You are like a fine work of art—Signed by the Master. You are God’s Masterpiece my friend!

Do you feel UnStuck and FREE today?

Freedom: the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.

When was the last time you felt as though you were not only noticed, but someone was amazed at seeing you or being with you?

Was it at your wedding?

Was it at a graduation or a business presentation?

Was it right after you gave birth or recovered from surgery?

Write about that for a minute.

On the other hand, when was the last time you felt ignored, passed-over, snubbed or despised?

Was it yesterday when you were at lunch?

Was it last week after the kids went to bed?

Was it at work or school?

Journal out those experiences, making sure to feel and capture as much about the memory as possible.

Finally, I want to you reflect upon the last time you were amazed by God Almighty.

Where were you, who was with you, what did you see, what took your breath away?

What about the time before that?

Are there similarities?

Is it in nature – say at the beach, on a nature walk, a sunset?

Is it listening to live classical music or jazz?

Is it at the cemetery where you remember in solitude?

Wherever it is, I want you to go there with your journal and some tissues, by yourself.

Go to the beach or the nature preserve with your journal and pour your heart out, out loud if you want (God can handle it!) and tell God how you feel unloved, unnoticed, and not treasured. As you cry out before Him, allow Him to heal your heart and show you how He is ALWAYS mesmerized by you, He ALWAYS loves you perfectly, and you are His treasured possession. Let God delight in amazing you with His love.

Combining God’s HOW with God’s WOW leads to Unstuck Wonder.

Have a WONDER-FILLED Day 6 :))))


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