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Day 4–Chick Chatter

Day 4 – Unstuck Words

Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD. Psalm 139:4

Unstuck Truth #4: You can change what you believe about yourself when you change what you say about yourself.

The enemy has no greater strategy than to lie to women. He works at keeping us in the shadows of pain from our past, paralysis in our present and fear for our future.

Let’s set a new goal for 2019, shall we?!

  • »  Instead of argumentative or divisive words: think how can I be an example of God’s peace?
  • »  Instead of demeaning comments: think what will lift this person up?
  • »  Instead of jumping in saying, “just MY Opinion” when nobody asks: think and DON’T Speak!
  • »  Instead of whining and ungrateful words: think what is GOOD that is going on in this situation?
  • »  Instead of nagging, (not only for husbands): think and PRAY!
  • »  Instead of being impatient, think…well, PATIENCE!

Look up the referenced Bible verses and write those down in your journal and place them around your house. I would challenge you to memorize those Scriptures, in fact, spend some time right now saying these words OUT LOUD so you can fight those STUCK thoughts and intentions with truth and UNSTUCK truth:

I am surrounded by God’s Love (Jeremiah 31:3) – UnStuck freedom to try new things.

I Love myself (Psalm 32:10) – UnStuck freedom to love who God created you to be Quirks and all!

I am able to fully love others (Leviticus 19:18)(1 John 4:7-10) – Unstuck freedom to love others for who God created THEM to be—Quirks and all!

I am quickly alerted to sin in my life and put it under my feet (1 John 5:18) – UnStuck fear to missing God and falling too far from His grace.

Also—Remember to Read and SAY out loud the UnStuck Manifesto. I have read and SHOUTED those words so many times it has actually WRITTEN this book!

Download the attached Chick Chatter checklist.

I’m in it with you!


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