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Day 3–It’s Just Who I Am!

Day 3 – Unstuck Personality

You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Psalm 139:3

Unstuck Truth #3: You are a one-of-a-kind unique design! You are Enough.

Read Chapter 3 in Life Unstuck.

Remember, it is all about YOU.

God cares and Y.O.U! Just as you are. Just as He created you to be.

Your laugh. Your jeans size. Your You-Q. Your failures. Your successes.

He is all about YOUR FREEDOM!!!! And YOUR Dreams and YOUR LIFE!!

I hope you enjoyed taking the personality quiz found in your book.

My goal is to help you “see yourself” as God designed you to be! I hope it will help as we move along to uncover those STUCK places in your life and see how some of what we SEE as “Stuck”, God sees as POTENTIAL!


Rejoice in the way you were made!

After tallying your checkmarks and realizing which column you had the greatest number of checkmarks for, what are you in God’s garden?

Are you a bumble bee, butterfly, ladybug, or hummingbird?

Are you shocked at what you found in the test?

Are you disappointed in what you discovered?

Remember, if you could see what God sees, you would believe what God believes!

In today’s protected time–journal a letter to God, thanking Him for each and every one of your quirky ways, every part of your unique personality, and every area you may not like. Thank Him for His wisdom and careful consideration when it came to making each and every part of you! As you begin to thank God, you will start to not only see what God sees in you but also begin to believe about yourself what God believes about you, too!

I am equal parts Butterfly and Bumble Bee. Pretty much the good news of the Butterfly and the bad of the Bumble Bee. I haven’t always been content with who God made me and have been really hard on myself for my weaknesses. I am a work in progress for sure–learning and living a little more UNSTUCK every day!

How about you? What’s your personality and what do you like MOST about yourself?


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  1. I’m totally a butterfly from the scoring….it doesn’t shock me at all….I’m still learning my self to not be hard in regard to my weaknesses….sometimes it feels as if I’m stuck in the cocoon and can’t get out….still a work in progress

    1. Hi Erika. Thank you for sharing. I am trusting God with you for an amazing New Year!~
      Starting the year off with Psalm 139 is a GREAT START! How about trying to memorize it. I am really bad at that but little by little one verse at a time–I FINALLY got it! I find myself repeating it over and over again.
      Also–you can go to http://www.life-unstuck.com and print a copy of all the truths out of these verses.
      Blessings, Pat

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