Day 23 of 30 Days To An Unstuck Christmas! Final Giveaway Reveal! Enjoy Jesus This Week!

It’s Friday again friend!

How is your Unstuck HEART? Your Unstuck HOME? Your Unstuck Harvest?


I have actually been spending a bunch of my “spare” time making plans for 2017. I have discovered that taking a bit of time at the end of the year, looking back then looking ahead, has tremendous value and gives me fresh momentum for accomplishing some very specific goals each year.

My method varies but looks a bit like this:

1. Create a folder (paper or online–mine is paper) and begin to gather some ideas, dreams, pictures of new year goals…

2. Drop in notes and random thoughts for a few weeks.

3. Make an appointment with yourself!! Set aside a FULL DAY after Christmas (with your spouse if possible) for some dreaming, evaluating and goal setting for the new year.

4. Make it FUN! Go to a special park, lake or beach spot or better yet–stay in your PJ’s all day at home!

5. Grab your 2017 calendar.

6. Turn off your phone and all social media to keep yourself focused.

7. Consider what was awesome about last year? What really stunk? What goals were accomplished? What needs to be carried over or wasn’t such a big deal after all.

8. Select 3-5 things to set as goals for 2017 and if possible set a goal deadline!!

i.e. Plan an all family vacation, by Fall of 2017.

9. Make a list of the things that need to be done ahead of time and write them into your 2017 calendar.

i.e Poll family for the best date to travel and then reserve a VRBO by March 1.

This is truly an amazing exercise and worth the effort! I have 5 years worth of calendars to prove that it works!!

Let me know if you decide to try your own 2017 Planning Day!!

Hey–speaking of “let me know”….If you’ve enjoyed the 30 Days journey and have wriggled your way out of being STUCK in even the slightest aspect of your life, I would LOVE to hear from you by email at patlayton@mac.com.

As for today, you are going to LOVE–LOVE what I’m sharing in today’s journey and you are going to have a BLESSED weekend filled with WONDER!!


DAY 23
Everyone who heard this wondered about it, asking, what then is this child going to be? For the Lord’s hand was with him. Luke 1:66 (NIV)

When was the last time you felt a sense of wonderment?

Wonderment is defined as a cause or occasion for wonder, a sense of astonishment, and a marvel. In this case, everyone is wondering and asking about Elizabeth’s child. This child would be the incarnation of wonderment delivered to us from the hand of God. Our wonderful Savior would be delivered to Bethlehem by the Potter’s hand. The Lord’s hand would stay with him until the very end of his life when Jesus would commend his spirit to God the father and ascend into the heavens.

So, I ask again…

When was the last time you felt a sense of wonderment?

What marvels you and leaves you with a sense of awe?

A few days back, I shared a moment when a simple text message, was the difference between life and death in our lives. There have been many times over the past few months of watching God work in Tina’s life when we have wondered… “what is this young woman going to be? God’s hand is surely with her.”

I remember when our daughter Julianna was born at 1.5 pounds and 22 weeks gestation. As we watched her fight for her life and win, we asked: “What then is this child going to be? The Lord’s hand is surely with her.”

Sometimes we get so accustomed to the marvels around us, we miss them. We become desensitized to everyday miracles in our lives.

   Don’t miss the wonder of this Christmas season. In fact LOOK FOR IT!

Marvel at the fact that no two snowflakes are alike or the vibrant red of the poinsettia or the baby Jesus, born in a stable, nestled in a feeding trough. I bet that birthing center was a surprise to Mary! Even in such humble surroundings, wonder was present, and homage was brought to this newborn King.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for stirring a sense of WONDER in me as I wander through this particular journey to an Unstuck Christmas. Stir up any complacency in me and replace it with awe and anticipation! I love you Lord. I lift my voice, my heart and my arms to you. You alone fill me with wonder. Amen.

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Happy Weekend friend–Enjoy Jesus!




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